Location Lighting Pair

Location Lighting Pair
by Miscellaneous Trainers

Bundle includes "The Art of Available Light by Judy Host & "Portrait Lighting on Location" by Tony Corbell

Judy demonstrates in this DVD, many different variations of lighting and how to use these light styles for memorable portraits.

Tony demonstrates his easy-to-learn location lighting techniques. He explores unique ideas of understanding light, working with subjects, controlling backgrounds, and much more.
Disc(s) Location Lighting Pair $99.99
Lighting styles taught in "The Art of Available Light":

Soft light, Diffused light, Reflective light, Bounced light, Even light, Split light, Rembrandt light, Back lighting and Rim light

Judy is recognized internationally as an accomplished portrait photographer. She has won numerous awards for her photography and has been featured in several publications for her outstanding environmental portraiture. Her work has been selected for National Exhibition by the Professional Photographers of America from whom she has received a Masters and Craftsman degree. Many of her images have been exhibited at Epcot Center and are part of a traveling loan collection. Judy teaches workshops both nationally and internationally on "The Art of Available Light", "Creating your own Style", and "The Art of Photographing Babies".

Lighting situations taught in "Portrait Lighting on Location":

Controlling the Sun
Working with translucent light shaping tools and a Plexiglas mirror
allows the ability to work all day with controlled light quality.

The Daylight Studio
Creating the look of working in the studio, we take our model and
crew outside to control the sun to complete the illusion.

Portrait of A Physician
Hospital location portrait of a leading cardiologist using multiple
lights to create depth and dimension, shape and form.

Amber & Abbey
Working inside someone’s home offers unique challenges and
opportunities for photographing this new mom and her baby.

Ambience & Flash Together Outdoors
Understanding how flash works with daylight and how to best use
a light meter for true exposures is illustrated in this segment.

Tony’s Image Enhancing
Tony opens a selected image from each of the shoot sessions to
illustrate how he approaches the final steps of image editing.

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