The Fashion Photographers Bundle

The Fashion Photographers Bundle
by Miscellaneous Trainers

Fashion Flair: Creative Studio Lighting by Lindsay Adler
Learn to light fashion portraits like a pro!

In this unique, information packed video, YOU get to be the fly on the wall. Watch over the shoulder of a leading fashion photographer. Experience multiple styles of lighting and modifier set ups. Learn how to create everything from a soft, dreamy look to a film noir inspired shot. Lindsey will teach you the most valuable lighting setups being used in studios today. All delivered in a clear and direct, jargon free style. Soft boxes, flags, reflectors, bounce-cards, grids, beauty dishes and much more are covered in detail.

Fashion Retouching in Photoshop by Kristina Sherk
High End Retouching training

You have a fashion shoot. How about the post production in Photoshop? There are many different styles of retouching. Fashion and advertising have unique retouching needs that differ from those in portrait photographs. High end, magazine quality retouching involves techniques and tricks that are needed for a professional look. Learn these techniques and closesly guarded secrets from Kristina Sherk (SharkPixel) who makes a living retouching for clients like Sports Illustrated, NPR and Hasselblad to name a few.
Disc(s) Fashionbund $99.99
Fashion Flair: Creative Studio Lighting with Linday Adler
This video showcases a two day fashion shoot in a New York studio with professional models. Lindsay not only shows you all the lighting setups, but she also explains the thoughts behind each shot. Learn how to approach each shot with the correct lighting technique. All the lessons on this visually rich video can be applied to your portrait shoots. Make your photography stand out from the rest, add a fashion flair, you and your clients will love the

Recreate your favorite looks!
Light Modifiers

Light Intensity and Angle

Beauty Dish- Beauty Box

Beauty Dish - Clamshell

Soft Boxes

Ring Light

1940’s Glam

Rigging Kino-Flo Lights

Silver Reflector- Shadows

Silver Reflector- Dramatic

Create a Silhouette

Rim Lighting

Lighting for “Faux” HDR

Low Contrast Feminine Lighting

Lighting with Gels

UV Light strobe

Ghosting Effect

Lens Flares

Fashion Retouching in Photoshop with Kristina Sherk
In this intensive video training, you’ll discover the techniques themselves, are easy to pick up. However the execution makes this video an invaluable part of your instructional library that will only grow in value the more times you watch it!
This fast loading video contains over 5 hours of brand new sharp video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback including Full Screen. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!
If you want your fashion photographs to look their very best, don’t miss this training.

Lessons Include
Removing blemishes and other imperfections.

Learn how to get nice smooth skin without losing texture! 

Cleaning up hair around the models face.

Evening Tone: Reshape the models bone structure.
Variations in skin color.

Clean up your models eyes; The natural way!

Adding digital makeup.

Smooth out lines and ridges with the liquify tool.

Retouching hands: Techniques that aren’t covered in regular DVDs.

Out of the (dialog) box sharpening techniques.

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