Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography

Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography
by Tim Cooper

You'll never shoot another photograph in auto-mode again!

Learn how to shoot great photos!

This video will change the way you use your camera! Understanding the zone system is essential for capturing great photos. Ones that look the way you always wanted. If you just leave metering to the camera, your photos will look dull and flat. Start getting your exposures right and your photographs will be crisp and full of detail and depth. Become a better photographer... a much better photographer, in just over an hour! You can even use your cameras built in meter. Tim makes it so easy, you'll laugh.

Tim Cooper has been traveling all over the nation for several years, helping thousands of photographers hone their craft. A huge crowd favorite has always been his sessions on the Zone System for Digital Photographers. For the first time ever, Tim sat down in his studio and captured the magic on this video. As you watch, Tim's plain English style will cause you to understand light and exposure.
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All Lessons
  1. PART 1

Introduction to the Zone System, where we came from and we are going.

  1. PART 2

Answers to your questions of why you would want to learn about the System, plus an overview of what you will be learning in the following sections.

  1. PART 3

This section covers the different types of meters, metering patterns, and how they operate.

  1. PART 4

Understanding the Zone Scale and how it relates to your digital camera. The sensors Latitude defined.

  1. PART 5

This section teaches how common colors and objects line up on the zone scale, and shows you how to place them correctly for good exposure.

  1. PART 6

An in depth description of the histogram, why and how you would use it, and how it directly relates to the Zone scale.

  1. PART 7

This section teaches you how to use the Zone System when metering scenes for Split Neutral Density Filters, Fill Flash, and creating exposures for blending or the Merge to HDR function in Photoshop.



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