Capturing the Wedding Day

Capturing the Wedding Day
by Ken Sklute

In this program Ken talks you through his process of photographing a wedding. He demonstrates how he works with the bridal party in the many aspects of the wedding day. Ken makes sure the Bride and Groom are looking great in every image. We followed him all day recording his great techniques. See how he works maximizing his surroundings to get those award winning images. Ken gives vital information on lighting, posing and the use of a photo assistant to capture key photographs. This is invaluable information for any established or aspiring wedding photographer.
Disc(s) LTKSCWDD $49.99

Time: 01:26:00

What you will learn:

  • Get a variety of images before the wedding
  • Working with window light
  • Make time for family groups and good posing
  • Two photographers get the best moments in the ceremony
  • Working with light you have
  • Creative environmental shots
  • Large light source after the ceremony for bride & groom
  • The reception and keeping a distance
  • Using a second flash at the reception
  • Working smart to get great expressions
  • Ken's favorite lenses and equipment
  • Creating images for the album

The DVD Chapters

Ken gives you insights for success as he photographs all the steps of a live wedding.

Session 1 : Introduction
Thoughts from Ken
Session 2 : Brides Suite
Recording the process of getting ready
Session 3 : Groups
Photographing the wedding party and key groups of people
Session 4 : Ceremony
Recording all the moments of this special time with 2 shooters
Session 5 : A Stop Along the Way
Getting creative with environmental shots
Session 6 : Reception
Shooting carefully with extra lighting makes the difference
Session 7 : Closing Thoughts
More great thoughts from Ken

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