Location Lighting for the Wedding Photographer

Location Lighting for the Wedding Photographer
by Ken Sklute

Ken methodically explains his location lighting techniques so you can learn how he works with his surroundings to make award-winning images. From there he teaches his guidelines for working with the bride and groom, and preparing for the day. Also included is vital information on how to work with an assistant and what equipment to use. These are the exact methods Ken uses to keep the big day running smooth without missing a shot. This is invaluable information for any established or aspiring wedding photographer.
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Time: 01:36:00

What you will learn:

  • Window Light
  • White Balance
  • Available Light in Open Shade
  • Flash in Open Shade
  • Shadow Edge Transfer
  • Direct Sun
  • Available Light Large Light Source
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Sunset with Flash
  • Planning the Day for Success
  • Utilizing Assistants
  • The Lighting Equipment

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