In the Studio - Creative Commercial Lighting

In the Studio - Creative Commercial Lighting
by Jim DiVitale

Jim Divitale is taking you inside his studio to teach you the skills that have made him a highly successful commercial photographer. Jim will show you his techniques for lighting and shooting, processes that have been sharpened and perfected over his 27+ year career. With his extensive knowledge of photography and expertise in digital, he will take you through a pro's working methods. Every lesson represents a new shooting challenge, and a chance for you to learn alongside the master. Watch Jim as he leads you through the steps in lighting an array of "hard to light" products. All are explained in a clear and easy to follow course, designed to really teach you how a pro does it.
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Session 01 : Running Shoe
The challenge of any commercial photographer is to create interesting images while keeping control of the colors and details. In this shot Jim uses a hot light to create multiple images that combine for a final shot that gets the job done.
Session 02 : Baseball Glove
The ability to use multiple layers with masks has changed the way commercial photographers light objects. Countless hours are saved by lighting parts of the subject and then combining them in post-production. The shot of this baseball glove is the perfect example of how 5 separate images can be joined together resulting in a natural looking and well-lit photograph. Included is a technique for making clipping paths quickly for catalog shoots.
Session 03 : Golf Clubs
When working with products that have large reflective surfaces, the challenge is twofold - light the product, and light what the product reflects. Learn how Jim uses multiple lights to drive this shot home.
Session 04 : Jewelry
Lighting shiny and reflective surfaces can be a challenge Using a mixed light source set up, Jim will show you how to light each element so the end result is a high quality photograph. Using both a watch and a necklace you learn how to make jewelry look like a million bucks.
Session 05 : Stereo
Learn how to light a product that "lights up". By combining multiple shots of varying exposures you will see how to bring products to life.
Session 06 : Beverage
There are many secrets to creating an enticing beverage shot, from thinning the liquid to the "right way" to create beads on the glass. You will learn how to create a cool shot that looks good enough to drink on a hot day.

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