Lighting Essentials

Lighting Essentials
by Jack Reznicki

In Lighting Essentials, Canon explorer of light Jack Reznicki shows the techniques that made him one of the top commercial photographers around. You will learn his thoughts and techniques on studio strobe lighting, how to make it look natural, and how to get many different "looks" from just one light. Jack's insights are perfect for someone who has little experience with artificial lighting, or for the pro who wants to add some new ideas to their photography.
Disc(s) LTJRLED $49.99

Product Contents:

DVD Video - Lighting Essentials

Time 53:43

Here is what you will learn:

  • Quantity of light vs. quality of light
  • Basic one-light portrait lighting
  • The importance of light placement
  • Size of your light in relationship to your subject
  • Harsh light vs. soft light
  • What is a good exposure?
  • Source of light and source of illumination
  • How to create natural looking “sunlight” with a strobe light
  • Direction of light - where you stand can make an incredible difference
  • Lighting for beauty models
  • Dragging the shutter for dramatic interest
  • The importance of reflectors and how to use them
  • High Key Lighting - How to shoot against white seamless
  • How to get different looks with just one light

Check out this video excerpt:
(Use full screen for highest quality)

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