Tinker Tubes & Studio Sketchbook - Download

Tinker Tubes & Studio Sketchbook - Download
by Dean Collins

The Tinker Tubes Personal Lighting Systems book shows step-by-step how to build your own modular diffusion lighting system custom tailored to your needs, and how to master lighting challenges without lugging around heavy and costly gear. Pure genius, Tinker Tubes uses cheap PVC pipe that's easy to work with, available everywhere and is totally portable for use in or out of the studio. Also included is Studio Sketchbook, which clearly diagrams numerous lighting situations and helps take the guess work out of achieving a desired result. Tinker Tubes Personal Lighting Systems is an easy and smart way to control light, and Studio Sketchbook makes lighting subjects a breeze.
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Tinker Tubes (24 MB) includes 10 diagrams of PVC lighting units with parts lists and component assembly instructions. Studio Sketchbook (17 MB) contains 30 photographs with lighting diagrams and technical data. Both books are comprised of digital images taken from the original printed booklets and saved as high-resolution PDF files for download.

Tinker Tubes Personal Lighting Systems by Dean Collins Dean Collins Training Programs

Training Programs by Dean Collins

Be sure to take a look at Dean's training programs and video demos on photographic lighting. He was truly a master at controlling light and a talented instructor who changed the photo industry. His timeless lighting seminars were given worldwide. The information is still popular and useful in digital photography today.

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Tinker Tubes Personal Lighting Systems by Dean Collins

Studio Sketchbook by Dean Collins
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