The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting

The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting
by Dean Collins

The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting DVD set features the late Dean Collins, one of the most celebrated educators of lighting and camera techniques in the industry. This DVD set teaches lighting and composition with easy to understand techniques created by the grand master of professional photography. It's about timeless concepts that impact the quality of the final photograph, whether captured on film or by digital. Over 6 hours of training on four DVD video discs. This program is a digital remix of the original Dean Collins Lighting Videos.
Disc(s) LTDCFLD $179.99

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Product Contents:

DVD 1 - Finelight Portraiture
Dean teaches lighting control through the proper use and understanding of reflective and incident light metering. He stresses new ideas in portraiture and predictability.
Time 1hr, 20min
Commentary : Tony Corbell & Skip Cohen
Portrait with Horse : Outdoor
Fashion Portrait : Studio
Portrait of Woman : Location
Portrait with Baby : Studio
Fashion Portrait : Studio

DVD 2 - Finelight Commercial Illustration
A Porsche studio set is detailed, from creating a mountain range and fog, to building a lake in the studio. In Motorcycle Motion, Dean explains how to use time to create an illusion of speed with a motorcycle in the studio. Techniques for specular control on highly reflective surfaces of small products and the use of specular "gobos" are outlined.
Time 1hr, 53min
Motorcycle Motion : Studio
Tabletop Watches : Studio
Porsche : Studio Large Set
Floating Lens : Studio
Sports Shoes : Tabletop
Sunglasses : Tabletop
Candy : Tabletop
Catalog Lighting : Variations

DVD 3 - Finelight Portraiture Large Set
Dean details the use of an outdoor setting... indoors and emphasizes the proper use of incident and reflective meters for complete control of your environment. See how to control natural sunlight and how to use a portable strobe to simulate sunlight for a shopping mall catalog.
Time 1hr, 26min
Fashion Portrait : Classic Studio
Executive Portrait : Airport Location
Fashion Portrait Beach : Studio
Fashion Portrait : Variations
Fashion Portrait : Outdoor Mall Location
Fashion Portrait : Outdoor Warm Sun
Sunlight Panel : Lighting Variations

DVD 4 - Collins on Basics
Time 1hr, 47min
Studio Portraits
You'll watch as Dean creates four stunning portraits, each time using only one flash as his primary light source. The making of high-key, Rembrandt and Casual portraits are explained in detail through the use of photographic evolutions and easy-to-understand diagrams. A special segment on lighting for eye glasses sheds new light on a difficult problem.
Outdoor Portraits
Dean explains the keys to creating outdoor portraits that sell. Basic and advanced photographic theories are explained in detail through the use of photographic documentation and easy-to-understand diagrams. Methods of lighting that allow you to shoot throughout the day make this program an important tool for every portrait photographer!
The Portfolio
Dean examines the making of a models portfolio. An interview with a leading talent agent provides insight into what the agencies are looking for in a rep card. You'll watch as Dean creates a variety of different looks in one day. In just 30 minutes, you can learn how to produce stunning head shots, indoor and outdoor fashion, and colorful glamour photography.
Swimwear Fashion
Dean explains the keys to producing top-quality swimwear photographs. You'll see him working on location as he uses simple lighting techniques with mirrors, diffusion scrims and reflector panels to create dazzling images. Added interviews with a leading talent agent and make-up artist reveal the secrets that can help bring you to the top of your craft.

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