Bridal Portraits That Sell

Bridal Portraits That Sell
by Clay Blackmore

In wedding photography you have to get it right every time and with these surefire techniques you will consistently get great portraits. These methods are required knowledge for any wedding photographer! In this information packed DVD Clay Blackmore, a master of classical portraiture, shows you timeless techniques for taking Bridal portraits that will make any bride and groom look great. Also included is a DVD-ROM with videos showing you exactly how the images are retouched and optimized in Photoshop.
Disc(s) LTCBBPD $49.99


Time 01:29

You will learn how to create individual and couple portraits quickly, but in a way that captures the beauty and romance of the day. These proven techniques can be used in a studio or on location at the wedding!

DVD-Video Shooting Sessions:

  • Introduction / Lighting Demonstration
  • Groom Session
  • Couple Session
  • Bride Session
  • Bride Contemporary
  • Live Wedding
  • More Portrait Ideas

Check out this video excerpt:
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Time 01:58

In the Retouching disc, Clay teaches you productive Photoshop techniques that you need to retouch Bridal Portraits. These methods will transform your photographs into studio quality portraits that will be cherished memories of their special day. There are 3 lessons to make your retouching go fast and be reliable.

DVD-Rom Photoshop Sessions:

Session 01 : Level 1 Retouching
Make quick work of fixing skin blemishes and imperfections. Clay shows a quick process to speed up the refinements and uses several tools for particular jobs. He also illustrates how to prevent over-retouching.
Session 02 : Level 2 Retouching
Learn how to fix hair problems and distracting elements of the image. Clay also shows how to minimize texture in skin. See how Clay whitens teeth and enhances the eye. The Eyes are an important element in every portrait. Clay shows how to enhance the eye, step by step, learning how to add drama to expression and how to make realistic eyelash enhancements.
Session 03 : Level 3 Retouching
Fine-tune the portrait details. See how to blend skin tones and take out distractions. Learn how to make a vignette that forces attention in the portrait. See how to improve portrait composition and make necessary changes. Implement soft-focus to achieve a great smooth skin look.

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