The Perfect Print - Ink & Media

The Perfect Print - Ink & Media
by Randy Hufford

Knowledge is power. Make educated decisions in your ink and media choices with this overview of medias available including an engineered solution for your choices. Randy explains the technical aspects of inkjet printers as well as a detailed demonstration of "Image Print" third party RIP that will help increase your productivity while at the same time increasing your quality.
Disc(s) GRHPPIMD $49.99

Total Run Time: 01:00

Topics Covered on this program:

  • Introduction
  • Printer Technologies
    - Ink Jet Heads
    - Piezo vs Thermal
  • Drivers vs RIP
    - Manufacturer's Driver vs Third Party RIP
    - Complete Demonstration of Image Print RIP
  • ICC Printer Profiles
    - i1 Match
    - ProfileMaker
    - Manual Read vs Automated Read
  • An Engineered Solution
    - Matching Inks, Medias and Coatings for Archivability
  • Optical Brighteners
    - What Are They?
    - Do You Want Them?
    - Their Benefits
  • Canvas Media
    - Cotton or Cotton Polyester Blend
  • - Single Weave vs Double weave - Gesso Coatings
  • Fine Art and Art (Watercolor) Medias
    - 100% Cotton
    - Alpha Celluloid
  • Photographic and Specialty Medias
    - History and Media Types
    - Applications
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