The Perfect Print - Finishing Techniques

The Perfect Print - Finishing Techniques
by Randy Hufford

Perfect prints from your inkjet printer need proper preparation and finishing techniques to ensure longevity. We have all seen faded prints, coatings that have yellowed and prints that have cracked. Randy presents an engineered solution to avoid all the pitfalls that cause these problems and guarantee success in finishing the perfect print.
Disc(s) GRHPPFTD $49.99

Total Run Time: 01:08

Topics Covered on this program:

  • Canvas Prints
    - The Gallery Wrap Versus A Standard Stretch
    - Finishing Canvas
    - Eco Print Shield
    - Rolling vs Spraying
    - Stretcher Bars
  • Stretching Canvas
    - Stretcher Bars: Strainer Versus Adjustable
    - Hand Stretch vs Machine Stretch
    - Embellishing Canvas
    - Eco Elegance
    - Acrylics
    - Packaging Canvas for Shipping
    - Rolled
    - Stretched
  • Framing ideas
    - The Float & Custom
  • Fine Art papers
    - Finishing Fine Art Papers
    - Print Shield
    - Eco Print Shield
    - Hand Torn Edges
    - Dual Edge Ripper
    - Mounting
    - Hinge Mounting
    - Perimeter Mounting
    - Corner Mounting
    - Float Mount
    - Plex vs. Open Mount
  • Archival Versus Gifts and Trinkets
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