Painting with Pixels - Portrait Painting for Photographers

Painting with Pixels - Portrait Painting for Photographers
by Jane Conner-ziser

DVD-ROM or Online
Turn your favorite portrait photographs into stunning paintings using Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. Your guide, Jane Conner-ziser, is one of the world's most respected and experienced portrait retouching and painting artists. Learn to be creative while you produce portrait products that really SELL. Beyond the creative, Jane will also show you how to customize the Photoshop and Painter workspaces, set up preferences to make your artwork smooth and efficient and make your own brush categories and custom brushes.
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DVD-ROM or Online - Disc purchase includes 365 days of Online access

Total Run Time: approx 6.1 hours

*** Portrait Painting Enlargement ***


Session 01 : Workspace Set Up in Photoshop
Load Jane's special retouching brushes and create a unique workspace for retouching and image preparation for turning a photograph into a traditional fine art painting.
Session 02 : WACOM Tablet Set Up
Learn how to set up your WACOM tablet and get some practice using it instead of a mouse. Learn popular functions to assign to function keys and scroll pads for digital photo painters.
Session 03 : Preparing a Portrait Photo to Become a Painting
Don't fight the photograph - learn how to set up a canvas size, extend an edge and make special image adjustments to lead yourself gracefully into painting. Apply skin preparations and color enhancements to start the photograph on its way. Discussion on image selection for appropriate painting style, size and resolution and cropping considerations are addressed.
Session 04 : The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul
Learn Jane's own special techniques for enhancing eyes on a beautiful portrait. The project file offers the additional challenge of moving the subject's eyes more to camera.
Session 05 : Workspace Set Up in Painter
Load Jane's reorganized Painter Library and set up Painter's preferences to make painting fun and easy to do. Make your own Brush Category so you can organize your favorites plus store your own custom created brushes.
Session 06 : Tour of the Brush Library
Dip into some colorful pixels and have fun exploring the many different kinds of brushes available for you to paint with. Learn how to apply paint, blend paint, distort paint and move paint so you can start controlling your hand while you gain experience with Brush Categories and Variants. See the Brush Creator for more experimentation and learn how to Restore a Brush Variant to it's original settings.
Session 07 : Clones, Quick Clones, Tracing Paper and More!
Learn the most popular keyboard shortcuts and how to set up a canvas for painting.
Session 08 : The Initial Composition
You're ready to go! The image has been selected, retouched, enhanced and now it's time to make the first spread of paint that will determine the overall composition of your painting. Once applied, learn how to extend borders and add accent colors to start moving your painting away from looking like a smeared photograph. Make a color set from your image and start adding your own colors to it.
Session 09 : The Background Blend
In this session you will learn how to create an under painting while you learn how to move your brush (stylus) like a professional fine artist. Learn classic brush techniques for blending and also how to sculpt paint into specific shapes.
Session 10 : Using Patterns with Paint
Who said we can't use special effects in paintings? Learn how to combine interesting patterns with paint to make a rock. Use Painter's Layer Masks to specifically apply the pattern just where you want it - and then turn it into paint!
Session 11 : Polishing Skin Tone
Learn how to produce gorgeous skin tones without losing highlights and shaded sides. Learn about the Five Lights of Nature while you paint and start seeing yourself enhancing and sculpting with light to make your paintings richly dimensional.
Session 12 : Painting Clothing
Artists use clothing as avenues to add color and motion to their work. Learn how to shape cloth, build highlights and shadows and rework edges. Use special blenders to actually add accent colors while working them into the base image. Learn how to shape paint into interesting textures.
Session 13 : Painting Hair
Hair offers a wonderful way of creating motion and emotion in paintings! Learn how to see the current direction of hair and work with it to exaggerate the motion.
Session 14 : The Second Time Around
Paintings are usually created in three steps: Under Painting, Focal Painting, and Details and Decorations. In this session you will add your own colors and your own paint to specifically bring interesting additions to your photo painting. Add highlights, accent colors, and base colors for foliage. Save this file as a "Color Clone".
Session 15 : Moving On...
Use the "Color Clone" as a reference to blend your additions into your painting. Learn how to use multiple clone sources for complete image control.
Session 16 : Painting Foliage
Have fun learning creative freedom while you make your own brushes for foliage. Build grass and leaves, blend them into the painting and combine your texture brushes with other default Painter Brushes to make hand painted bushes and ground cover. Save your brushes so you can use them often!
Session 17 : Painting Clouds
Learn how easy and fun it is to "be the cloud" and apply color that actually becomes a cloud in the sky. Learn how to make some clouds look like they are far away and others look close by.
Session 18 : Details and Decorations
The beauty is in the details! - in this session you will learn how to paint the eyes, lips, nose and eyebrows to perfection. In addition you will learn how to accent clothing and bring more focus to the subject. The final step, hand painted ornaments is an exercise in painting on layers using transparency locks and special effects.
Session 19 : The Signature
OK - it sounds easy, but it's amazing what a challenge coming up with a good signature can be! Learn how to create an artistic, legible signature so you look like an artist but viewers can still read who you are! Learn how to create it in Painter and save it as a custom shape or brush preset in Photoshop so you can get full benefit of it!
Session 20 : Final Image Adjustments
Finish your painting by evaluating it in Photoshop for color balance and saturation. Learn Jane's "secret weapons" for adding extra ambiance to paintings that can use a little push into fantasy.
Session 21 : Printing
This short session discusses what it takes to make a perfect print of your painting on art papers or canvas.

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