Digital Makeup in Photoshop

Digital Makeup in Photoshop
by Jane Conner-ziser

Starting with a bare face, see how to apply, through retouching, the full range of makeup from flawless foundations, blush and powder to tri-colored eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. PLUS get FREE Online Bonus Sessions on Fixing Makeup, Digital Hennas and Body Painting, an additional value of $39 (Digital Makeup - Fixing Makeup & Body Painting - Online). Learn how to create delicate natural looking makeup and dramatic styles from one of the world's foremost experts in facial retouching and enhancement.
Disc(s) PSCS4JCZDMD $99.99

CD-ROM or Online -

Disc purchase includes the bonus program 'Digital Makeup - Fixing Makeup & Body Painting' FREE!

Total Run Time: approx 2 hours, 51 min.


Jane explains the program and gives tips on how to follow along.
Session 01 : Workspace Set Up
Load Jane's personal retouching brushes, included with the program, and set up your custom workspace for portrait retouching. Learn how to organize palettes, pick custom options for working with colors and save your workspace so you can return to it whenever you want.
Session 02 : Nip and Tuck
Analyze our model's face and learn how to gently lift and tuck prior to applying makeup so everything will look perfect. Learn how to work with difficult objects, like earrings and how to create a pleasing line to the face and body without distorting important features of the subject.
Session 03 : Foundation
In this session you will learn why women wear foundation, what it does for the surface of the skin and then how to achieve the same result using your computer and software. You will learn how to contour and shape each facial feature, smooth skin tones, shape lighting and remove greasy highlights to create a flawless complexion.
Session 04 : A Quick Little Shave
Without foundation, many women sport a bit of peach fuzz. Learn a quick and easy technique to make it disappear and at the same time, learn how to wedge different values next to each other with smooth transition.
Session 05 : Powder
After foundation has been applied, it is set using a big fluffy brush and loose powder. This takes the last bit of shine from the skin, evens out the foundation and modifies the surface of the skin. Learn how to fluff the "powder" just where you need it to give the skin a professional finish.
Session 06 : Blush
Learn why women wear blush and then see exactly where to put it - two ways - one for glamour and another for a rosy cheek look. Then you apply it yourself in two styles; a soft glaze or more definite color. Learn how to puff the color onto the skin and then how to shape and contour the color for perfect positioning and a graceful healthy look to the skin.
Session 07 : Eye Shadow
You're not going to learn how to just darken what's there, in this session you will learn how to mix complimenting eye shadow colors for highlighter, lid and crease. For those of you who don't wear eye shadow, you will see graphic application of exactly where it goes and how it is shaped for either a wide eyed innocent look or a dramatic sexy look. Learn how to apply the different colors and then blend them together perfectly; just like in real life!
Session 08 : Eyeliner
Another session with graphic illustration of where eyeliner goes and what the most common shapes are. Learn how to add the color using two techniques, one for a natural look and the other for a creative artistic result. Learn how to control how dark and defined the eyeliner is and how to shape it to enhance the subject's expression.
Session 09 : Mascara
Applying mascara can be tricky but this session will show you how to do it right. Learn how to fill in eyelashes as well as how to make your own with graphic illustration to guide you through the exact positioning, curvature and color. You will be a mascara pro - no smudges!
Session 10 : Eye Bright
No makeup session is complete without brightening the eyes and adding that extra bit of sparkle. Learn how to brighten the eyes without making them look fake. You will learn how to grade color for smooth fade and also how to camouflage veins and redness. Two techniques, one natural and photographic and the other more artistic.
Session 11 : Lipstick
Lipstick is used to define the mouth, shape the lip line and add color to the face. Learn how to apply a tinted gloss and also how to apply definite color. Learn how to choose colors from the image, change them distinctively and after application, adjust them for impressive results.
Session 12 : Pushing Boundaries
This is actually a bonus session right on the disc because you will learn pro techniques for moving the makeup beyond photography to create stunning fashion looks. Learn how to paint with light while you pump up highlights and deepen shadows to create more depth and contrast in your images. Add highlights to hair, extra sparkle to the eyes and lips and boost the makeup from natural to fashion.

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