Facial Retouching and Enhancements CS3

Facial Retouching and Enhancements CS3
by Jane Conner-ziser

This training is geared towards learning Jane's own highly respected techniques for retouching faces of all age groups using the tools and functions in Photoshop. Learn how to make beautiful skin textures - with or without pores, how to sculpt lighting, enhance eyes, add accent colors and special details; everything you need to master top quality portrait retouching and enhancements. Included are Jane's newest retouching brushes and actions for her favorite soft focus filters.
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Total Run Time: approx 7.1 hours


Session 01 : Workspace Set Up
In this session you will learn how to set up and save a workspace for facial retouching and enhancement. Load Jane's new brushes, arrange (and save) a retouching workspace and set up Photoshop's preferences to make your retouching fast and easy to do.
Session 02 : WACOM Tablet Set Up
Jane considers her WACOM tablet a "must have" for all of her retouching needs. Learn how to set it up, choose your palette options and get control through special tablet exercises.
Session 03 : Using Layers and Layer Masks
In this session Jane will walk you through the different kinds of Layers in Photoshop and show you how to use them when you are retouching faces. Use Duplicate Layers, Layers from Selections, Image Adjustment Layers, Smart Layers, Artwork Layers and Layer Masks.
Session 04 : The Retouching Tools
Explore each retouching tool, set up the options and learn when and how to use them for retouching faces. Use the Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch Tool, Dodge and Burn Tools, Brush Tool, Rubber Stamp and more.
Session 05 : Retouching Blemishes
Retouching teenagers can be challenging when they have a lot of blemishes! Learn the fastest and best looking techniques for removing them plus how to smooth the skin once the blemishes have been removed without obviously blurring the face. Learn what to do when the subject has extreme acne.
Session 06 : Making Eyes
The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul and in this session you will see how to enhance every component of the eye, step by step, learning exact placement of artwork, how to add drama to expression and how to set up for realistic eyelash enhancements. This is a graphic exercise you can use to plan your artwork.
Session 07 : Photo Realistic Eye Enhancement
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and in this session you will learn how to accent the eyes through the use of contrast, color and detail in a photorealistic way. This style of eye enhancement is perfect for casual portraiture and ultra realistic fashion work.
Session 08 : Fine Art Eye Enhancement
For high-end portrait arts and photographs that have the look of a fine painting, these eye enhancements will fit right in. This style of eye enhancement has always been considered top of the line in the portrait studio industry.
Session 09 : Soft Focus Filters
Sometimes a light soft focus filter adds the perfect finishing touch to portrait retouching. Learn how to make one that looks photographically real and how to apply it both globally and selectively.
Session 10 : The Adult Female Face
In this session you will work with Jane, step by step, retouching a portrait of an adult woman. Learn how to analyze the face and decide where and how to approach the retouching to make the woman look fresh and youthful without removing important character. See how to straighten makeup, brighten the skin and add healthful color.
Session 11 : The Adult Male Face
Retouching men is different than retouching women. The goal is to bring out strength, polish and masculinity. Learn how to make the eyes more direct, the skin polished but not too smooth and how to minimize bluish beards.
Session 12 : Retouching Grandparents / Glass Glare / Opening Eyes
Wrinkles are much harder to retouch than blemishes! Although you want to freshen and brighten the subject's expression you have to be really careful not to remove too much or the subject looks terribly overdone. It's OK to be old - learn where and how to start, how to remove, soften and shorten wrinkles - and which ones to leave alone! Included in this session are 3 tips for removing glares from glasses and how to open sleepy eyes.
Session 13 : Vignettes, Dramatic Lighting Effects, and Painting with Light
After the facial retouching has been completed, a good portrait photographer will bring out special highlights and shadows to add depth and drama to the lighting and composition. Learn how to add this extra dimension to your photography, how to make high and low key vignettes and how to paint with light.
Session 14 : Retouching Teeth and Braces
In this session you will learn how to remove braces (and when not to) plus how to whiten teeth, fix receded teeth and minimize crooked teeth to make smiles more beautiful without changing the tooth characteristics.
Session 15 : Retouching Double Chins
Learn how to minimize a double chin and how to make a heavy subject appear less heavy without making that big beautiful body unrecognizable to family and friends.
Session 16 : Retouching Hair
Hair is the crowning element of a good portrait but it doesn't always photograph the way it seems to look in reality. Learn how to remove stray hairs, fill in hair and do style adjustments to make the hair look picture perfect.
Session 17 : Fashion Style Retouching
If you followed the previous sessions, you already know how to do this! See different retouching styles compared to each other and identify the differences between them. See where each style differs from the others and how you can create each style by using the tools you have learned in different ways.
Session 18 : Printing
Walk through the Printer Options to learn how to choose your printer, assign the correct color and size information for the paper you are using and tell the printer how to make the best print possible from your image files.

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