Effective Workflow in Adobe Bridge CS3

Effective Workflow in Adobe Bridge CS3
by Julieanne Kost

CD-ROM or Online
This training is all about Adobe Bridge CS3 and the techniques that will give you new ways to save time and streamline your workflow. Learn important processes to speed up navigating, displaying and sorting files. Save custom workspaces and keyboard shortcuts. Use Metadata so you can find files instantly in your image collections.
Online BCS3JKEW $39.00
Disc(s) BCS3JKED $49.00

CD-ROM or Online -

Total Run Time: approx 2 hours


Session 01 : Navigating and Displaying Files
This session covers the User Interface - working with panels, viewing thumbnails, customizing previews, using the loop, creating layouts and setting preferences.
Session 02 : Customizing the Work Area
In this session, learn how to save custom workspaces, use essential keyboard shortcuts and work in compact mode.
Session 03 : Managing and Opening Files
Learn how to work with multiple files and see how to sort, rename and open images.
Session 04 : Using Adobe Photo Downloader
This session covers choosing locations, renaming images, converting formats, saving backup copies and adding metadata.
Session 05 : Rating, Labeling, Stacking and Sorting Files
Improve your workflow by using star and reject ratings, applying color labels, finding files through filtering and organizing via sorting.
Session 06 : Working with Metadata
Learn viewing and editing simple and complex metadata, the file info dialog and see how to create, save and apply metadata templates.
Session 07 : Adding Keywords
In this session, see how to create, apply and view hierarchical keywords, use the keyword lookup field and cross product keyword integration.
Session 08 : Finding Files
This session covers basic and complex filtering, the find command, and creating dynamic collections.
Session 09 : Creating a Slideshow
Learn about Slideshow options, essential keyboard shortcuts, navigation, and editing in this session.
Session 10 : Advanced Shortcuts and Preferences
Great tips on undiscovered menu items, choosing preferences, and working with Bridge's cache.

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