Comprehensive Photoshop CS3

Comprehensive Photoshop CS3
by Julieanne Kost

In over 23 hours of training Julieanne explains Photoshop tools, palettes and techniques with depth and clarity. Learn to work non-destructively using Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks, Smart Objects and Smart Filters. Your work has never been this fast and easily editable. See time-saving and pixel-preserving techniques including Color Management, Tonal Adjustments, Layers, Masking, Camera RAW and more. Included in this set is "Effective Workflow in Adobe Bridge CS3" where you will learn important processes to speed up navigating, displaying and sorting files with custom workspaces, keyboard shortcuts and Metadata.
Disc(s) Parts 1&2 $99.99

DVD-ROM or Online -

Total Run Time: approx 23 hours

View cuts from these Sessions:

Part 1 - Session 21 : Advanced Compositing
Part 1 - Session 22 : Vanishing Point
Part 2 - Session 07 : Sharpen, Blur and Noise Reduction

Part 1 Sessions

Session 01 : Application Overview
Photoshop's Editing Environment, User Interface, Application Menus, Tool Box, Options Bar, Palettes, Workspaces, Image Area
Session 02 : Color Management Overview
Work Environment, Calibration, Color Settings
Session 03 : Navigation
Zoom Levels, Menu Commands, Keyboard Shortcuts, the Navigator Palette, the Zoom and Hand Tools, Actual Pixels, Fit On Screen, Tiling Multiple Images, Zoom and Scroll All Windows, Match Zoom and Location
Session 04 : Bit Depth, Modes and Channels
The Channels Palette, Bit Depth (Advantages and Disadvantages), Color Modes (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Bitmap, Index Color), Mode Conversion, File Size
Session 05 : Image Size
Resizing Images, File Size, Document Size, Resolution, Print Size, Interpolation Methods, Total Pixel Count
Session 06 : Crop and Straighten
Rotating Images, Multiple Undo, The History Palette, Revert to Saved, The Measure tool, Rotate Arbitrary, The Crop Tool (Hide vs. delete Information, Cropping to a Specific Size, Straighten Perspective), Saving, Crop and Straighten Command
Session 07 : Transforming Images
Rotate, Flip, Straighten, Skew, Distort, Transform Again, Image Warp, Lens Correction
Session 08 : Adobe Camera Raw Basics
Benefits of Raw Capture, Tools, Display Options, Workflow Options, Adjustments (Basic, Tone Curve, Details, HSL/Grayscale, Split Tone, Lens Correction, and Presets), Applying Settings and/or Opening Files, Batch Processing
Session 09 : Advanced Adobe Camera Raw
Synchronizing Adjustments, Retouch Tools, Image and Camera Settings, Calibrate Tab, Working with JPEG and TIFF Files, Shortcuts and Advanced Preferences
Session 10 : Automated Image Adjustments
Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Auto Color, Variations, Shadow/Highlights, Exposure, Brightness and Contrast
Session 11 : Basic Layers
Combining Images, Transparency, Opacity and Blend Modes, Ruler and Guides, New Layers, Renaming Layer Styles, Locking, Smart Guides, Aligning Layers, Multi-layer Select, Layer Groups, Duplicating, Deleting, Stacking Order, Saving Layered Files, Flattening
Session 12 : Basic Selections
Selection Edges (Anti-Aliased, Aliased and Feathering) The Marquee, Lasso, Quick Selection and Magic Wand Tools, Adding To and Subtracting From Selections, The Select Menu, Modifying a Selection, Refine Edge, Select Inverse, Defringe
Session 13 : Tonal Corrections with Adjustment Layers
Global and Selective Adjustments, Levels, Curves and Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers, Luminosity Blend Mode, The Histogram Palette, Black, White and Gray Balance Eyedropper
Session 14 : Masking
Erasing vs. Masking, Adding, Editing, Viewing, Hiding, Deleting, and Applying Layer Masks, Painting Multiple Levels of Transparency
Session 15 : Dodging and Burning
Dodge and Burn Tools, Range and Exposure, Adjustment Layers, Blend Modes, Painting
Session 16 : Removing Imperfections
Dust & Scratches Filter, Clone Stamp, Healing Brush and Patch Tools, Fading Corrections, Remove Red Eye
Session 17 : Advanced Color Correction
Black and White Points, Eyedropper and Color Sampler Tools, Info Palette, Removing Color Casts, Adjustment Layers, Levels and Curves, Color Correction by the Numbers, Global and Selective Adjustments
Session 18 : Selective Color Changes
Color Balance, Curves, Hue/Saturation, Selective Color, Color Range, Replace Color
Session 19 : Advanced Layers
Shortcuts, Layer Groups, Blend Modes, Making Selections from Paths, Clipping Groups, Modifying Free Transform's Point of Origin, Layer Comps, Exporting Layers To Files Using Scripts
Session 20 : Smart Objects
Creating Smart Objects, Duplicating, Transforming, Warping and Editing Smart Objects, Replacing Contents, Placing Adobe Illustrator Artwork, "Smart" RAW Files, Pros and Cons, Shortcuts
Session 21 : Advanced Compositing
Auto Align Layers, Auto Blend Layers, Creating Panoramas, Using Photomerge, Compositing Multiple Exposures
Session 22 : Vanishing Point
Defining Perspective Planes, Creating Additional Planes, Copying Objects, Cloning, Healing and Painting In Perspective
Session 23 : Custom Color to B/W Conversions
Black and White Adjustment Layers, Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer, Using Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer to Mimic Traditional Filters
Session 24 : Selective Coloring Effects
Channel Mixer Adjustment Layers, Masking Adjustment Layers, Using the Hue Blend Mode with Fill Layers, Adding Color Washes
Session 25 : Artistic Filters
Smart Filters, Filter Gallery, Stacking Multiple Filters, Filter Options, Selective Filtering Using Masks, Diffuse Glow, Adding Textures, Blend Modes
Session 26 : Adding Edges
Darkening Edges, Creating a Vignette, Making Borders, Using Filters, Painting Custom Edges, Scanning Edges
Session 27 : Polaroid Transfer and Posterization Effect
Pattern Fill Layers, Texture Layers, Edge Effects via Blend Modes, Posterize, Channel Mixer, and Gradient Map Adjustment Layer
Session 28 : Saving Files
Save, Save As, and Save As a Copy, File Formats (PSD, TIFF, PDF and JPEG), Naming Conventions, Save For Web
Session 29 : Printing
Image Size, Unsharp Mask, Soft Proof, Print With Preview, Settings, Color Management, Driver Options, Picture Package, Contact Sheet
Session 30 : Protecting and Sharing Images
Annotations, Metadata, Copyright Knockout Effect (Fill vs. Opacity, Blending Options), PDF Security, Web Photo Gallery

Part 2 Sessions

Session 01 : Customizing the Workspace
Workspaces, Tool Presets, the Preset Manager, Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts, Context Sensitive Menus, Views and Screen Modes, Preferences
Session 02 : Painting
The Brushes Palette, Creating, Loading and Saving Brushes, Defining/Locking Brush Attributes, Brush Dynamics, Pressure Sensitivity, Brush Tip Shapes, Defining A New Brush, Stroking Paths, The Airbrush Attribute, The Brushes Preset Picker, Creating Tool Presets
Session 03 : Fills, Patterns and Gradients
Fill, Gradient and Pattern Layers, Creating Custom Gradients, Defining Patterns, Pattern Maker, Change Layer Content
Session 04 : Working with History
The History Palette and Brush, History States, Filling with History, Snapshots, Preferences, Non Linear History, The Art History Brush Customizing Styles and Settings
Session 05 : Portrait Retouching
Removing: Blemishes, Wrinkles, Shadows, Brightening Eyes and Teeth, Changing Lip Color, Removing and/or Moving Distracting Elements, Removing Glass Glare
Session 06 : Liquify
The Tools (Warp, Twirl, Pucker, Bloat, Push Left, Mirror, Freeze, Thaw) Masking Areas and Reconstruct
Session 07 : Sharpen, Blur and Noise Reduction
The Blur and Smudge Tools, Blur Filters - Average, Blur, Blur More, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Box Blur, Surface Blur, Shape Blur, Lens Blur, Selective Blurring, Global Sharpening, Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, Selective Sharpening, High Pass Filter, Hard Light Blend Mode, Reducing Noise
Session 08 : Photo Restoration
Increasing/Decreasing Density with Adjustment Layers and Blend Modes, Adjustment Layer Masking, Vignettes, Removing Imperfections
Session 09 : Hand Coloring
Hand Coloring using the Painting Tools, Solid Color and Gradient Fill Layers, Reducing Color to Mimic Hand Coloring, Diffuse Glow, Blend Modes, Opacity
Session 10 : Old Fashioned Effect
Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer, Diffuse Glow, Fade Filter, Using Channels to create Complex Selections, Masking Filters
Session 11 : The Eraser Tools
The Eraser, Magic Eraser and Background Eraser Tools, Tolerance, Limits and Sampling Options, Realistic Compositing
Session 12 : The Extract Command
The Extract Feature, Isolating the Subject, Smart Highlighting, Channel Extraction, Previewing, Force Foreground
Session 13 : Creating Masks from Channels
The Channels Palette, Using Channels as a Mask, Refining Masks, Image Compositing
Session 14 : The Pen Tool
Anchor Points, Direction Lines, Creating Straight, Curved and Combination Paths, Converting Points, Adding/ Subtracting Anchor Points, Breaking Direction Lines, Converting Paths To Selections, Saving Paths
Session 15 : Shape Layers and Vector Masks
Shape Layers, Shape Libraries, Shape Creation and Modification, Vector Objects, Vector Masks, Converting Selections to Paths
Session 16 : Layer Styles
Layer Effects (From Drop Shadows to Strokes) The Styles Palette, Saving and Loading Styles, Applying Styles to Multiple Layers, Hiding Effects
Session 17 : Typography
Canvas Size, Point Type, The Character Palette, Changing Attributes, Layer Effects, Warping Type, Area Type, the Paragraph Palette, Open Type, Check Spelling
Session 18 : Advanced Typography
Manipulating Character Forms, Converting Text to Shape Layers and Outlines, Rasterizing Type Layers, Blurring Type, Type on a Path, Type in a Path, Making Masks with Type
Session 19 : Basic Actions
The Actions Palette, F-Keys, Sets, Recording Actions, Editing Commands, Batch Processing, Button Mode
Session 20 : Complex Actions
Droplets, Stops, Insert Menu Items, Button Mode, Working With Templates, Loading and Saving Actions, Scripting, Including a JavaScript as Part of an Action, Image Processor
Session 21 : Working with Variables
Creating a Template, Defining Variables, Creating a Tab Delineated Text File, Importing Data, Exporting Data Sets
Session 22 : 16 and 32 Bits Per Channel Images
16 and 32 Bit Images, High Dynamic Range, Merge to HDR, Image Requirements, Preview Options, Converting Between Bit Depths

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