Wacom Tablets and Photoshop CS4

Wacom Tablets and Photoshop CS4
by Colin Smith

NEW for Photoshop CS4

A must have for tablet users.
This is the 3rd edition of THE best-selling video on Wacom tablets and Photoshop. The most complete training on the Wacom Tablet and Adobe Photoshop ever! This fully updated video will show you how to unleash the power and creativity that only comes from a pressure-sensitive tablet. Set up your tablet correctly and stop working like a mouse user in Photoshop. Two of the Top instructors in the industry combine their talents to bring you a video that will totally change the way you approach graphics on your computer.

If you currently own, or are considering a pen tablet or Cintiq, this video is one of the best investments you can make. Stop mousing around and finally take control of your Wacom Tablet and Photoshop CS4.


(Now includes Intuos 4) (Also includes full Intuos 3, Bamboo and Cintiq Program)

All new and updated for CS4
We went back to the studio and completely re-recorded all the lessons for this new version. The content is better, Wes included techniques for all the latest tablets and Cintiq.

All the Photoshop techniques are brand new to this edition of the disk. Many of the new CS4 features are explained and covered.
Disc(s) PSCS4CSWAC4DP $49.99
All Lessons
  1. Welcome from COLIN

Welcome to the video and orentation

  1. Welcome from Wes

The ideal companion for those seeking the highest level of performance from their pen tablet.

  1. Tablet Overview

A brief overview of the many tablet choices available.

  1. Tablet basics

Understanding what you are working with. Fundamental tablet usage.

  1. Pen Training

No more mousing around! Tips and an exercise for getting used to using a pen.

  1. Control Panel

Walk through and coverage of the many areas in which a tablet can be customized with user-specific functions.

  1. Pen Setup

Customize the pen to your personal tastes. Assign common keystrokes to the side button for quick access.

  1. Mouse Setup

Although the pressure sensitive pen is superior for most retouching tasks, sometimes a mouse may be more suitable. Set up your mouse for optimal control.

  1. Touch Strips

Quickly modify the size of a brush or zoom in/out of an image using Touch Strips. Learn how this can be achieved with just a swipe of a finger.

  1. ExpressKeys

Express Keys offer quick access to commonly used keyboard shortcuts and functions. How, and what to set them up for covered in depth.

  1. Brushes Palette

When it comes to using a tablet in Photoshop, the brushes palette becomes the heart of the application. Learn how to control pressure with your pen in Photoshop.

  1. Display toggle

Using the Display Toggle to control pen behaviour on multiple screens.

  1. Accessories

When it comes to using a tablet in Photoshop, the brushes palette becomes the heart of the application. Learn how to control pressure with your pen in Photoshop.

  1. Pop-Up Menu

Context sensitive menus are popular in all applications. Use the Wacom Tablet driver to create custom menus to further increase your productivity.

  1. Radial menu

The Cintiq software comes with a radial menu to quickly access commands and more.

  1. Custom Brushes

Learn how brushes work in Photoshop. Make your own custom brushes and master dynamics.

  1. Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers offer unmatched freedom. Learn to use the new Adjustments Panel in Photoshop CS4.

  1. Collaging and compositing

Combine multiple images together to achieve a creative and stunning result. Learn Layer Masks and masks panel in the lesson.

  1. Clone Source

Learn how to remove distractions in your photos with the Clone Stamp tool

  1. Black and White

Learn how to create black and white images from your color images. Then make just your subject in color.

  1. Dodge and Burn

Use Dodging and Burning to bring out the best in your photos. Learn when, where and how to Dodge and Burn as well as the proper techniques.

  1. Painterly Art

Take a photograph and turn it into an image that looks hand painted. Finally add a canvas texture for that extra realism.

  1. airbrush

Use the Airbrush accessory to control size and opacity independently.

  1. 6d art pen

Leverage pen rotation and learn how to use the 6D Art Pen

  1. Goodbye

Parting comments from Colin

Also includes all the Intuos 4 features including Touch ring, screen toggle, mapping, new pen and control panel.

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