PhotoshopCAFE Masterclass Animal Painting in Photoshop

PhotoshopCAFE Masterclass Animal Painting in Photoshop
by Patrick LaMontagne

Learn the art of painting an animal portrait from scratch
Learn from an award winning artist!

In these highly informative sessions, Patrick will teach you how to paint a photorealistic animal from scratch. You will learn the entire process, from working with reference photos, setting up the digital canvas, blocking in shapes, adding detail and finishing the painting. Watch how an experienced painter approaches a piece and learn the tips and tools used. Pick up many closely guarded secrets that would otherwise take years to figure out on your own.

This video follows the entire painting from a blank canvas, all the way through to the completed masterpiece. Patrick clearly explains exactly what he is doing and why. Watch an original piece of art unfold before your eyes and learn the techniques so you can apply them to any painting that you desire to create yourself. This training is in-depth enough for a budding painter to start learning, or for a more experienced enthusiast to learn some new tricks from a master painter.

This fast loading DVD ROM contains 3 hours, 17 minutes of high quality video instruction! The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback.

If you have been looking for some excellent instruction from a real artist, look no further. Watch the entire workflow and become equipped to create your own paintings
Disc(s) CS5PLAPD $59.99
Lessons Include:

-Reference photo selection and prep
-Document setup
-Working with color
-Using a Wacom tablet
-Basic brushwork and keeping it simple
-Why structure comes before detail
-Thoughts on painting in Photoshop
-Workflow tips, tricks and techniques
-Blocking in color and features
-Dodge, Burn and Blend Modes
-Building relationships and tightening up features
-Creating Hair and Texture Brushes
-Painting with hair brushes
-Painting in high-resolution
-Turning good into great
-Layer and masking techniques

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