Image Restoration, Repair & Enhancement

Image Restoration, Repair & Enhancement
by Katrin Eismann

Photoshop CS2 - Learn how to restore valuable antique images and enhance your images. This training disc will show you how to transform faded, damaged photographs into beautiful images that are as clear and crisp as the day they were taken - and how to turn casual snapshots into great looking images. This DVD is a comprehensive guide to fixing practically anything wrong with a photo in over 8 hours of interactive training.
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This program is available Online only - Discs are currently unavailable.

Total Run Time: approx 7 hours 42 minutes


Session 01 : General Preferences
In this session you will learn how to configure Photoshop preferences and color settings to insure that Photoshop works efficiently. Also addressed, the new Photoshop brush preview and how to take advantage of additional hard drives to make Photoshop fly.
Session 02 : Building a Custom Workspace
In this session you will learn how to create and save a useful workspace for restoration work, in which palettes are organized and set to ideal defaults. In addition, you'll learn the most essential quick keys to access tools and settings that every restoration artist should know by heart.
Session 03 : Image Input, Resolution, and Bit-depth
In this session you will learn how to calculate image resolution to scan in the optimal amount of image information. In addition, you'll learn the advantages of working with high bit files, how to automatically straighten crooked scans, and use Transform > Warp.
Session 04 : Correcting Fading and Improving Density
In this session you will learn to work with levels adjustment layers, layer masks, and blend modes to quickly enhance image contrast, density, and balance exposure. In addition, working with the levels sliders and eyedroppers is addressed, giving you the ability to rescue the most faded and exposure challenged images.
Session 05 : Removing and Repairing Stains
In this session you will learn how to make quick work of image oxidation, staining, and strong color shifts. In addition, you'll learn to inspect the image channels to identify where the damage is the worst and where there is hidden image information you can take advantage of.
Session 06 : Extreme Color Correction
In this session you will learn how to conquer the strongest colorcasts and contaminations. In addition, you'll learn the value of neutral and how to share adjustment layers to make quick work of correcting numerous images.
Session 07 : Rebuilding Color
In this session you will learn how to repair extreme damage caused by light leaks and color decomposition. In addition, you'll work with the Apply Image command and learn the basics of hand coloring images.
Session 08 : Removing Dust and Texture
In this session you will learn how and when to use the clone and healing tools. More importantly you'll learn how to remove dust quickly and easily without wasting a lot to time or effort and how to magically make pen scribbles disappear.
Session 09 : Healing with Patterns
In this session you will learn advanced techniques to harness the power of the healing brush when working with custom built patterns. Learn to use built-in patterns and how to build your own patterns to make quick work of the most mottled and moldy images.
Session 10 : Repair and Replace
In this session you will learn to concentrate on the essential - to not just see damage but also use the Crop Tool to restore images. The session also addresses, how to combine the Clone Stamp with the Healing Brush to build up invisible restoration. Additionally you'll learn how to build a realistic studio background from scratch and to realistically match film grain.
Session 11 : Toning and Tinting
In this session you will learn how to add sepia, monotone, and split tone effects to the restored images. Explore the use of Adjustment Layers and Layer Masks to refine how and where toning is applied.
Session 12 : Hand Coloring
In this session you will learn how to use Layers and Blend Modes to add delicate color that transform a ho-hum black and white image into a subtly and artistically colored masterpiece. Additionally, you learn how to create a color reference image and save custom color palettes to use when hand coloring images.
Session 13 : Noise Reduction and Sharpening Techniques
In this session you will learn to use the Noise Reduction, Smart Sharpen, and High Pass filters. In addition, you'll see how to reduce JPEG artifacts and apply creative sharpening to build the illusion of accurate focus.
Session 14 : The Power of Lens Correction
Learn to take advantage of the Lens Correction filter to improve both contemporary and antique images. This session carefully explains the essential settings and strategies to master the Lens Correction filter to correct key-stoning, distortion, and remove vignetting.
Session 15 : Working with Vanishing Point
In this session you will work with Vanishing Point to rebuild and repair contemporary images and remove irritating lens flare. Also addressed, how to place Vanishing Point cloning and healing on separate layers, how draw an accurate perspective plane, and how to use Clipping Masks to balance exposure and density.

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