Photoshop CS4 Basics & Beyond

Photoshop CS4 Basics & Beyond
by Jonathan Kingston

Learn Photoshop CS4 from the ground up with a professional photographer's perspective. Perfect for beginners to pros who need an in-depth knowledge of CS4. This unique training begins with an explanation of light and digital sensors, and how these affect your images. Then, learn methods for sorting and archiving your images that are best practices, taught in an easy to follow style. Optimize your images in Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop quickly and efficiently. Finally, process and print your images with predictability and control. As an accomplished photographer, Jonathan is highly sought after as a digital imaging consultant and instructor. Learn from a pro who teaches pros.
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Total Run Time: approx 10 hours 45 minutes


Section 1 - Thinking Digitally

Session 01 : A Brief Introduction to Light
In this session you will be introduced to the color theory of light that forms the foundation upon which Photoshop along with digital cameras, and digital printers are built.
Session 02 : Camera Resolution and Image Size
See how the resolution of digital cameras relates to the final print output size.
Session 03 : RAW vs. JPEG
This session covers the differences between capturing your images in JPEG mode on your camera versus camera RAW. The pro's and cons of each will be explored.
Session 04 : Understanding Histograms and Proper Exposure
Learn how to read a Histogram and how you can use a Histogram to understand if you have a properly exposed image.
Session 05 : White Balance
In this session the importance of white balance is explored, along with a brief discussion of why you may want to manually set the white balance of your camera.

Section 2 - Bridge & Photoshop Setup

Session 06 : Photoshop Overview and Preferences
Get an overview of Photoshop's interface including the application menus, tool bar, options bar, palettes, workspaces and preferences.
Session 07 : Color Management
A discussion of the importance of monitor calibration and work environment along with a demonstration of various color spaces and the correct color settings for Photoshop.
Session 08 : Bridge Overview and Preferences
In this session you will get an overview of Bridge's interface, how to customize workspaces and set its preferences.

Section 3 - The Edit Workflow

Session 09 : Downloading images Using Bridge
Practice using the Bridge Photo Downloader to transfer files from your digital camera to the computer.
Session 10 : Batch Re-naming
In this session you will learn how to batch rename your images using Bridge.
Session 11 : Editing Images Using Bridge
Learn how to rotate images, do a side-by-side comparison of your images, use the loupe tool to check focus, and learn a good workflow to tag your best images for future developing in Photoshop.
Session 12 : Filtering Images Using Bridge
Now that you have edited and tagged your best work, learn how to use the filter function of Bridge to display only your best work. Overview of other aspects of the filter panel as well as how to build collections of work from different folders.
Session 13 : Creating a Basic Slide Show
In this session you will learn how to create a basic slide show using Bridge.

Section 4 - The Develop Workflow Using Camera Raw

Session 14 : Image Navigation
Open a file in Camera Raw, the Zoom Tools, Hand Tools and keyboard shortcuts for image navigation.
Session 15 : Large Scale Color Correction
Master the Click White Balance Tool and learn about white balance presets and sliders.
Session 16 : Crop and Straighten
How to crop, Free Crop vs. Constrained Crop, and how to correct a crooked horizon line with the straighten tool.
Session 17 : Basic Retouching
Learn how to remove sensor dust and how to easily remove red eye.
Session 18 : Basic Color & Tonal Corrections
Master the Basic Panel - auto correct function, temperature and tint, exposure and recovery, fill light and blacks, brightness and contrast, clarity, vibrance and saturation, before and after preview.
Session 19 : Dodging & Burning
In this session you will learn how to use the adjustment brush to dodge and burn, as well as make targeted adjustments to contrast, saturation, clarity, sharpness and color.
Session 20 : Graduated Filter
See how to use the graduated filter to replicate traditional split photographic filtration.
Session 21 : Tone Curve
This session covers how to use the tone curve to further fine-tune local areas of contrast within your image.
Session 22 : Detail Panel
Learn how to sharpen your image and how to reduce color noise and luminance grain in your images.
Session 23 : Color Adjustments and B&W Conversion
In this session you will learn about the HSL/Grayscale panel and how to use it to make tweaks to specific colors within your images as well as how to use it to make a black and white image.
Session 24 : Split Toning
Learn techniques to add a split tone to both B&W and Color images.
Session 25 : Lens Corrections
Remove a vignette from an image, or creatively add a vignette to an image.
Session 26 : Presets
Learn how to save different preset looks for your files to quickly process images in the same style in the future.
Session 27 : Opening Images in Photoshop
Opening images from the Camera Raw interface into Photoshop.

Section 5 - The Publishing Workflow

Session 28 : Image Size
In this session you will learn how to properly resize images for print and web applications.
Session 29 : Soft Proofing Your Images
Learn how to soft proof your images to emulate how they will look printed from various printers and on various paper stock.
Session 30 : Printing Your Files at Home
Learn how to print your files on a professional inkjet printer connected directly to your computer. Choosing the correct profile to achieve maximum color accuracy.
Session 31 : Printing Your Files at a Photo-finisher
See how to convert your files to the profile needed by a photo finisher to achieve maximum color accuracy.
Session 32 : Preparing Your Files for the Internet
Learn how to resize your images for email and Web and the correct color profile for the Internet.
Session 33 : Batch Resizing Images Using Bridge and Photoshop
Have a folder of images that need to be batch resized for the Internet? This lesson will show you how.
Session 34 : Saving Files
A discussion of the 'Save' versus the 'Save As' command. Suggestions on good file naming conventions for saving files.
Session 35 : Archiving Your Images
Digital storage is not very stable. Suggestions for minimizing your chances of loosing your digital images.

Section 6 - Image Editing in Photoshop

Session 36 : The Filter Gallery
This session is an introduction to the Filter Gallery and how to apply and stack filters.
Session 37 : Adding Text to Your Image
Learn how to add text and watermarks to your images.
Session 38 : Transforming Images
This session covers Rotate, Flip, Straighten, Skew, Distort, Transform and Image Warp techniques.
Session 39 : Basic Selections for Compositing
Use the Quick Selection Tool, the Lasso Tool, the Select Menu, Refine Edge, Select Inverse and see how to add and subtract from selections.
Session 40 : Basic Layers for Compositing
Learn how to creatively combine images into an image layout using Transparency, Opacity, Guides, Align Layers, multi-layer select, Layer Groups, duplicating, deleting and flattening.

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