Creative Photo Illustration & Workflow CS3

Creative Photo Illustration & Workflow CS3
by Jim DiVitale

See Jim's unique and in demand techniques for using Adobe Photoshop to create Photo Illustrations. This is awesome instruction that shows the creative insights and best practices of a master digital photographer. You will learn Jim's own methods that you can use in the commercial as well as the artistic worlds.
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Total Run Time: approx 3.1 hours


Session 01 : Color Management
Setting up proper color management is essential in maintaining quality control in digital imaging. In this session we will go through understanding color spaces, calibrating and custom profiling, and setting up Photoshop's color and print settings for professional output.
Session 02 : Histograms
Digital capture starts with proper exposure. Understanding bit depth, exposure values, interpreting histograms, and pre-visualizing correct dynamic range of the image for the final rendering all come together in this session.
Session 03 : Camera Raw Workflow
Start to finish workflow with 16 bit RAW files is covered with details on all the individual controls in the Adobe Camera Raw dialog box. Work smarter, not harder, with proper shooting and archiving techniques.
Session 04 : Light Painting
Having the power to create dramatic lighting out of what was once a very flat and ordinary lighting situation is as easy as a few Layer and Blend Mode techniques. Learn to spice up those older images with just a few simple steps.
Session 05 : Exposure Enhancement
The Screen and Multiply Blend Modes are the photographers best friend. Learn how to enhance your most challenging exposure problems with non-destructive Adjustment Layers.
Session 06 : Merge to HDR
Taking a full exposure bracket of RAW images and combining them into a high quality 32 bit file will give you the greatest options in this still life Illustration project.
Session 07 : Mixing Channels
Working with multiple exposures of a still life set, this session takes you through a creative process of mixing different channels together to create a unique process of colorful lighting.
Session 08 : Creating Selections
Working with the Pen Tool, creating Selections and Masks, and using Enhancement Filters all work together to create this multi-image illustration.
Session 09 : Photo Painting
Creating Custom Brushes and creative Blend Mode effects are all used together for a look that transforms your digital images into watercolor paintings.
Session 10 : Panoramic Images with Photomerge
In this session we will take several images and stitch them together using Photoshop's Photomerge automation to create stunning panoramic landscapes. Step-by-step shooting techniques make the merging steps a snap in Photoshop.
Session 11 : Creating a Fine Art Montage
Soft edge Layer Masking and multiple Blend Mode techniques are used to combine images into a fine art montage composite.
Session 12 : Displacement Mapping
Learning to wrap one image over another and merging their textured surfaces together with the Displacement Map Filter leads the way in this artistic session.
Session 13 : Color and Texture Replacement
Learn how to replace color and textures within a subject while retaining the best possible highlight and shadow detail. The Displacement Map filter, Blend Modes and Soft Brushes bring this composite to life.

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