How to Wow - Enhancing & Creative Effects CS3

How to Wow - Enhancing & Creative Effects CS3
by Jack Davis

This program showcases Jack's techniques with digital photography, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS3, and the process of going beyond what was captured to what was experienced to what you want your audience to experience. Much of Jack's enhancing magic is performed entirely in Adobe Camera Raw – quickly, easily, non-destructively and instantly shareable with hundreds of other photographs!
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Total Run Time: approx 3.1 Hours


Section 1 - Enhancing Images in Adobe Camera Raw

Session 01 : Indispensable ACR Preferences
One of the great new features about Adobe Camera Raw is that it now can do all of its incredible magic on JPEG's and TIF's, not only Raw files, that's IF you know the three areas within the multiple Preferences that need to be checked.
Session 02 : Three Step Optimizing Magic in ACR
The first stage in Enhancing any image is to ensure you begin with the best possible Optimized image as a foundation. In this session Jack with show you how to quickly turn your "Sow's Ear" into supple fabric before you move on to crafting your "Silk Purse."
Session 03 : Creative Color, White Balance and Retouching in ACR
Colored glass filters and customized in-camera White Balance have long been used by photographers to add drama to a less-than-exciting scene. Now with Camera Raw's White Balance, Vibrance, HSL and Camera Calibration capabilities, a huge number of post-capture color enhancements are not only possible, but extremely quick and easy. Also in this session: Just how far can you push ACR's Healing Tools? Watch and see...
Session 04 : Quick Black & White, Tinting and Antique Coloring in ACR
In this fast-paced session, Jack covers easy optimized Black & White conversions, simple (and gorgeous!) Split Tone Tinting, and even instant faded antique coloring techniques.
Session 05 : Selective Hand Re-Coloring in ACR
Can you really create the impression of a vintage hand-tinted photograph using ACR alone? Quickly, easily and selectively adding color back to just portions of a custom black-and-white conversion? Yup! Jack will show you how.
Session 06 : The Exaggerated Illustrative Edge Technique - in ACR!
Here is a very popular enhancing effect where a photograph is given an illustrated look by hyper-exaggerating the detail in the image, especially along the edges. What's unique is that this version of the technique creates the entire effect in ACR, which means it can be saved as a Preset and instantly applied to dozens of other images, directly within the Bridge - without even opening ACR!

Section 2 - Edge, Glow and Density Effects

Session 07 : Smart Filter Illustrative Edge Techniques - in Photoshop!
This session covers a similar Exaggerated Illustrative Edge Technique to the one shown in ACR, but this time taken even further (with even more control) in Photoshop - taking advantage of the incredible Quality, Flexibility, Speed (and share-ability!) of Adobe's Smart Filter technology!
Session 08 : Super Smart Image Popping
This technique is like Adobe Camera Raw's Clarity feature on steroids! It is based on a "Smart" nondestructive use of a hidden filter in Photoshop, which when used correctly, increases the apparent sharpness of an image and exaggerates its dimension by automatically "dodging and burning" around elements in the photograph.
Session 09 : Adding Density & Diffused Glows
Quickly make your images snap, soften the mood, or accentuate shapes, while also adding depth and richness to your photos. This technique also adds subtle saturation and contrast to your images (while retaining shadow detail),all without touching your original.

Section 3 - Gradient and Texture Overlay Treatments

Session 10 : Neutral and Color Gradient Overlay "Filters"
Learn to easily and instantly simulate traditional graduated neutral density and color lens filters (as well as create enhancements never possible with traditional filters) using often-overlooked Fill Layers to selectively darken, lighten or tint specific areas of an image.
Session 11 : Texture and Artistic Noise Overlays
In this session Jack shows you how to create natural looking "artistic noise" or even your own custom "earthy grunge" textures that can easily, and nondestructively, laid on top of your images, thus giving them a whole new personality.

Section 4 - Black & White, Tinting and Hand Coloring Techniques

Session 12 : Advanced Black & White Conversion in ACR and Photoshop
Photoshop has a sexy new Black & White adjustment layer feature, but is it really the Holy Grail of creating monochromatic masterpieces? In this session we'll compare the grayscale conversions which can be applied to any image (for enhanced portraits to faux-infrareds) in Camera Raw with grayscale conversions created in Photoshop, using both the new Black and White, as well as the tried-and-true Channel Mixer Adjustment Layers. You will be surprised at the results...
Session 13 : Antique Hand Tinting of Photographs
Starting with a black-and-white photograph, Jack shows you how to quickly use Photoshop's layers, paint tools and blend modes to simulate the hand-coloring treatments of old - with incredible personality, quality and control - without all the messy analog clean-up!

Section 5 - Blurring and Depth-of-Field Enhancement

Session 14 : Creative Blurring and Focus Control
In this movie you will learn how to simulate a shortened depth-of-field effect (the blurring of the background and/or foreground of a photograph) with precise control, and thus give you the ability to pinpoint exactly where your audience's attention is focused in your images.

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