Photoshop CS4 - Enhanced Features & Lifesavers

Photoshop CS4 - Enhanced Features & Lifesavers
by Jack Davis

Jack will show you how to seamlessly open your photographs into Photoshop with ACR and Bridge. Camera Raw 5's localized correction tools have brought massive controls into our digital darkrooms. You will also learn about Photoshop's smoother Tabbed and Paneled Interface that will let you do more than ever before. And when Jack shows you the magic of what Content-Aware Scaling can do (with the right settings) to allow complete control of the size and shape of your compositions, you will be truly awestruck! The amazement will continue when you learn how to extend the Depth of Field of your photographs with the improved Auto-Blend feature, and create even 360 degree panoramas with the extended options in Auto-Align.
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Total Run Time: approx 5 hours


Section 1 : Bridge CS4: Enhanced Features & Lifesavers

Session 01 : Introduction
Jack's Welcome and introduction to the triad of the Creative Suite components.
Session 02 : Bridge Interface - Part 1 - The Icons
One of the main changes to the CS4 Bridge was to bring it's incredible capabilities out of the "buried in menus" shadows and into the open - and this is nowhere better seen than in the features accessible by Bridge's new icons.
Session 03 : Bridge Interface - Part 2 - The Path Bar
From the "Bread Crumbs" navigation, to the incredibly useful Recent Files and Applications drop down, to the time-saving Thumbnail Quality options, the Path Bar (and some of it's hidden features) is a welcome help.
Session 04 : Bridge Workflow - Part 1 - The New Panel Workflow
This is where we live and get the most of our Bridge work done - the Folders and Favorites, Keywords and Collections, Content and Preview Panels - ALL with their own set of shortcuts and incredibly useful features.
Session 05 : Bridge Workflow - Part 2 - Viewing, Ranking and Stacking Images
Here Jack covers the sexy and incredibly useful new ways of viewing your images (like the new "Carousel" Review mode, and it's ability to jump instantly to ACR and back), Auto Stacking related bracketed or pano shots, and accelerated ways of Ranking and Labeling your work.
Session 06 : Bridge Production - Part 1- Productivity Tools in Bridge
From the integrated Photo Downloader (and it's ability to convert, rename and copyright tag all your images before they even GET to your computer), to the faithful workhorse Image Processor, to great new shortcuts like Open as Layers in Photoshop - there's a huge amount of production that can be done without ever leaving our foundational Bridge.
Session 07 : Bridge Production - Part 2 - The New Output Slideshows, Contact Sheets and Web Galleries
COMPLETELY redesigned, enhanced and accelerated for CS4, these new "modules" take much from Lightroom's output prowess - and are a huge productivity boost when it comes to printing and sharing your work!

Section 2 : Photoshop CS4: Enhanced Features & Lifesavers

Session 08 : Photoshop CS4 - Part 1 - New Tabbed Interface
CS4's new tabbed, Flash-based Panels and Windows are accessible, practical and incredibly elegant - ONCE you have learned their in's & out's, secrets & shortcuts, in this session.
Session 09 : Photoshop CS4 - Part 2 - New Paneled Interface
Hiding, showing, grouping, "supergrouping" and completely customizing your new Panel-based workspace (and saving off your own very useful new task-based workspaces) is what this session from Jack is all about.
Session 10 : Photoshop CS4 - Part 3 - New Interface Zoom & Rotate
Far from just being incredibly cool to watch, Adobe's new use of Open GL technology to dramatically speed up the panning and zooming around your work, is actually a big boost to quality and productivity as well. You'll see why in this session.
Session 11: Photoshop CS4 - Part 4 - New Tool Shortcuts and Enhancements
Clone Source and Brush Size Previews (as well as interactive size and softness scaling) as well as Spring Loaded tool shortcuts, are all significant speed and quality improvements to our indispensable tools.
Session 12 : Photoshop CS4 - Part 5 - The New Dodge & Burn and Vibrance Tools
Vastly improved over the previous incarnations of the rightly maligned D&B Tools, the new versions ARE great - but... are they "greater" then some other methods that are seemingly more flexible and less destructive? Jack will compare and contrast different techniques for doing the job we do a hundred times a day in this session.
Session 13 : Adjustment Panels - Part 1 - The Incredibly Practical Paradigm Shift
Since the invention of Fire (or at least Photoshop) we have always been forced into and out of and back into dialog boxes to get our optimizing work done. Until now! Just like in Camera Raw, we now can elegantly and swiftly and nondestructively massage our images to perfection with non-modal Adjustment Panels - IF you know the indispensable insights and practical shortcuts Jack will share with you here.
Session 14 : Adjustment Panels - Part 2 - Indepth Tone, Color and Effects Workflow
"Don't TELL Me - SHOW Me!" In this session Jack walks you through a project start to finish that shows you just how powerful the new way of Adjusting really is.
Session 15 : Content Aware Scaling - Insights and Accelerations
You've seen it's capabilities displayed to entertain at children's birthday parties (it IS that freaky cool!), but really, is it THAT practical for you on a daily basis? Yup. Especially if you know how to make it dance to your tune for everything from preparing prints to fine tuning graphic design layouts. Yup... it's THAT freaky cool!
Session 16 : Depth of Field and Bracketed Exposure Compositing
The new Stack Images option in the Auto-Blend Layer command has incredible potential - to either frustrate you endlessly with why it doesn't seem to work, or... to make you elated with glee with how it miraculously saved your life by combining many photos with many different planes of focus (and even exposures) into one. The difference? Jack giving you the insights of what you need to do BEFORE you blend.
Session 17 : Photomerge - Part 1- Begins with ACR Optimizing
Photomerge is incredible white magic! ACR is too - especially with it's ability to synchronize it's magic between multiple images instantly. But how do you quickly (and thoroughly) optimize a sometime disjointed series of shots destined for oneness? It's easy and your panos will look even more awesome because of it!
Session 18 : Photomerge - Part 2 - Blend, Unify and Enhance
And once the magic trick is started (and you've chosen which of the zillion Align Options is right for the job - including the new Collage option), how do you bring on the big finish? Yup, it's the Secret Sauce of Wow Enhancing that will take your panorama from beautiful to breathtaking!
Session 19 : Masking & Selecting - Part 1 - Color Range
The new Masks panel, and it's One-Stop Shopping solution for isolating and compositing layers, is truly a productivity booster. And the significantly improved Color Range technology (with it's new Localized Color Cluster option) is at it's heart.
Session 20 : Masking & Selecting - Part 2 - Refine Mask Edge
The power of the Masks panel's Edge option, and the Refine Edge technology behind it, can make a good selection great, with just a few pushes of a few sliders - but which ones to push and where? That's what this session is all about.
Session 21 : Masking & Selecting - Part 3 - Dodge & Burn Cleanup Tricks
No matter how great the automated tools are, sometimes there is just no substitute for fine tuning something yourself - especially with tips and tricks that make the finishing touches quick and easy.
Session 22 : Masking & Selecting - Part 4 - Masking and Enhancing Smart Objects
Now that we have our masked layer what can we do with it? In this session Jack will walk you through some invaluable, and inspirational, tips and techniques for finishing off your project, including the power of Smart Objects, Layer Styles, Pattern Fill Layers, and a host of other procedural tools in CS4 that will significantly increase your Quality, Flexibility and Speed!

Section 3 : ACR Smart Magic to Photoshop Smart Magic and Back

Session 23 : ACR to Photoshop and Back - Part 1 - ACR "Hand Coloring" Magic
Just how far can you push the limits of ACR's power to enhance - and even retouch - your imagery? In this eye opening session Jack with show you some incredible new ways to work in ACR 5 that before now were impossible outside of Photoshop.
Session 24 : ACR to Photoshop and Back - Part 2 - Smart Objects, Filters and Sharing
And all the fast, flexible and extensive Wowification that took place in the last session will now be brought, fully intact, into Photoshop to do what it does best - filter finessing! But in this session Jack will teach you the huge benefits of nondestructive Smart Filtering, including the fact that whatever image "recipes" we come up with in CS4 will be able to be shared with any other file with a simple Drag & Drop!


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