Create IT, Fix IT, Mask IT & Finish IT in Photoshop CS4

Create IT, Fix IT, Mask IT & Finish IT in Photoshop CS4
by Eddie Tapp

In this 2 part program learn powerful techniques for Photoshop CS4 that will empower you to handle the most difficult imaging projects. Included are 4 sections that deal extensively with image creativity in "Create IT", optimizing and enhancing in "Fix IT", how to mask anything in "Mask IT" and final output and printing techniques in "Finish IT". There is also a bonus section illustrating 3rd party filters for Photoshop that can nurture your creativity and efficiency. The topping on the cake is another bonus section devoted purely to Photoshop CS4 new features and how best to utilize them.

Disc(s) Parts 1&2 $99.99

DVD-ROM or Online -

Part 1 - Sessions

Part 1 Total Run Time: approx 3.83 hours

Create IT in Photoshop

Session 01 : Classic Intro - Slide Show
Eddie discusses the Classic techniques covered in this program and presents a slide show illustrating some of his many beautiful images.
Session 02 : BTF Portrait Enhancement
See Eddie's high-end portrait enhancement technique generating beautiful skin tone and taking advantage of the History Brush options and panel.
Session 03 : Cookie Lighting
Learn how to easily and effectively add lighting effects from simple vignettes to more aggressive and creative lighting effects. Techniques for Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW and Lightroom are included.
Session 04 : Tuscan Lens
This session illustrates a creative technique using the Lens Blur filter on multiple Layers, Layer Masks and blending these to have multiple areas of focus.
Session 05 : Smart Object Content Replacement
Learn the simple steps to replace Smart Object content using a preset layout that requires an image source to change.
Session 06 : Dream Glow
This session covers enhancement techniques by creating the Dream Glow action for Red, Green and Blue and various options for a beautifully enhanced image.
Session 07 : High Dynamic Range Imaging
In this session you will learn the basics of merging exposures for high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.
Session 08 : MZ Soft Focus
Learn to create a beautiful Soft Focus filter that rivals soft focus from many years ago and see how to create an Action for the enhancement technique.
Session 09 : Grayscale Conversions
This session covers a series of techniques to convert to grayscale including the Black and White controls.
Session 10 : Zoom Effects
In this session you will learn a wonderful and effective enhancement technique to bring out different feelings from the same image. Advanced masking will also be covered.
Session 11 : Smart Objects
This session illustrates how and why to use Smart Objects for a variety of different projects.
Session 12 : Panoramas with Photomerge
See how to use a variety of Photomerge options and settings to create beautiful panoramas.
Session 13 : Creating Custom Logo Brushes
Learn how to create a custom logo brush you can save and easily apply to your images anytime.
Session 14: Scattered, Covered and Smothered
This session explores some fun techniques to add textures to your images for a personalized and unique finish.

Fix IT in Photoshop

Session 15 : Liquify Projects
In this session you will learn techniques for using Photoshop's Liquify filter for enhancing eyes, figures and much more.
Session 16 : ACR Click Balance Underwater
See how easy it is to take an underwater, off-color, overexposed RAW file and make it work for you.
Session 17 : Highlight Recovery
Learn how to take one RAW image and process it into two images, one for an average tone and a second one to add detail in certain areas and then blend them together.
Session 18 : Content Aware Scaling
This session covers a quick and easy method of using the Content Aware Scaling command to extend a background.
Session 19 : Perspective Control
In this session you will learn several techniques to control perspective using Lens Correction, Free Transform and Warping.
Session 20 : Protect Color Tones
This session explores a new technique of controlling tonal and color issues without creating a color crossover problem.
Session 21 : 90% Method of Color Correction
See the best method of removing a color cast from an image by the numbers and how to keep the pixel data at its best.
Session 22 : 5% to 95% Method
In this session you will learn techniques to keep a printable range from difficult image files or output devices.
Session 23 : Matching Colors
Learn how to use the Match Color command in to match colors between images including skin tones.
Session 24 : Shadow/Highlight and Exposure Controls
This session covers use of the Shadow/Highlight and Exposure controls to bring problem images into a printable range.
Session 25 : RAW vs JPEG
See the difference between RAW and JPEG when your white balance has the wrong setting.
Session 26 : BTF Back Scatter
In this session you will learn the fastest way to remove a multitude of spots and maintain high quality pixel data in your images (formally Scanner Dust Spotting).
Session 27 : Subjective Enhancement
In this session you will learn techniques for subjective color and tonal enhancements along with a simple rebuild.
Session 28 : Controlling Digital Color Crossover
This session illustrates techniques for eliminating the possibility of digital color crossover in your workflow.
Session 29 : Additional Color Correction Techniques

Part 2 - Sessions

Part 2 Total Run Time: approx 3.03 hours

Mask IT in Photoshop

Session 01 : Extractly Masking
Learn advanced masking techniques using the Extract filter that yield realistic results even with hair.
Session 02: Edge Effects
See how to create custom edge effects using displacement maps and see a great "bust-out" technique.
Session 03 : Masking Panel Green Screen
This session covers how to use the Masking Panel and Color Range interface to mask in a new background.
Session 04 : Quick Selection Masking
In this session you will learn a simple technique to change the sky using the Quick Selection tool.
Session 05 : Pen Tool
Learn how to use the Pen tool to create simple and complicated masks with a high degree of accuracy.
Session 06 : Depth of Field
This session illustrates how to load multiple images as Layers, align them and mask for a depth-of-field image.

Finish IT in Photoshop

Session 07 : Sharpen for Output
In this session you will learn an effective way to sharpen your image for quality output using Eddie's personal sharpening technique.
Session 08 : Border Rule
Learn an effective way to create a finishing Border Rule for images that will be framed for display or gallery use. See how to create an Action to perform the Border Rule instantly.
Session 09 : Color Borders and More
Create double color and multiple image borders, using additional optional controls and Actions.
Session 10 : Single Color Border
Create a single color border, using additional optional controls and Actions.
Session 11 : Setting Color Prefs and Printing
This session covers a simple setting for managing color and solutions for output including Print Module options.

BONUS - 3rd Party Filters in Photoshop

Session 12 : Nik Attack
In this session Eddie will cover his favorite Nik filters.
Session 13 : and
Eddie shows how he uses LucisArt and LucisPro to obtain stunning images.
Session 14 :
See options of this customizable graphic, edge and template series with special guest Judy Host.
Session 15 :
This session covers creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images using the plug-in and stand along options.

BONUS - What's New in CS4

Session 16 : ACR Clarity and Gradient Tools
In this session you will learn how to use the new Gradient tools and the new features of the Clarity settings.
Session 17 : Adjustment Panel
Learn how to use the new Adjustment Panel to simplify and speed your work flow.
Session 18 : Bridge Review Modes
This session covers how to generate quick edits in the new Review Mode in Bridge.
Session 19 : Space Bar Show and Edit
In this session you will learn high quality views of images from within Bridge.
Session 20 : Clone and Burn
This session explores the new features and options of the Clone and Burn tools.
Session 21 : Content Aware Scaling
In this session you will learn how to generate Content Aware Scaling, a very useful tool for making things fit into a layout.
Session 22 : Flick Panning
Quickly move around an image and zoom in and out of areas at matched magnification using the new Hand Tool Flick Panning feature.
Session 23 : Mask Panel Green Screen
This session covers how to use the Masking Panel and Color Range interface to mask in a new background. (repeat from Part 2, Session 03)
Session 24 : Rotate View Tool
Set up and use the Rotate View tool as a productive means of retouching.
Session 25 : Vibrance Options Sponge Tool
In this session you will learn the new settings and features of the Sponge tool.

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