CLASSIC Pro Techniques 1 & 2 Set CS3

CLASSIC Pro Techniques 1 & 2 Set CS3
by Eddie Tapp

Eddie will show you how to streamline your workflow and launch into new creative and image optimizing techniques in CS3. Learn how to control digital color with color crossover, grayscale, match color, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Shadow/Highlight. Also get creative and advanced techniques such as edge effects, portrait enhancements, borders & rules, lighting and filter effects, Vanishing Point, infrared, Smart Objects, and much more.
Disc(s) Pro Tech 1&2 $139.00

DVD-ROM or Online -

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CLASSIC Pro Techniques 1

Total Run Time: approx 3 hours


Classic Intro - Slide Show, Establishing Your Workflow Environment in CS3, Establishing Adobe Bridge Workflow Options, Working in Adobe Camera Raw, BTF Scanner Dust Spotting, Advanced Moire Project, Creating Custom Logo Brushes, Controlling Digital Noise, Method of Color Correction, Additional Color Correction Techniques, Controlling Digital Color Crossover, Creating Subjective Enhancements, Matching Colors, High Dynamic Range Imaging, Shadow/Highlight & Exposure Controls, RAW vs JPEG, Grayscale Conversions

CLASSIC Pro Techniques 2

Total Run Time: approx 3.6 hours


Classic Intro - Slide Show, Border Rule, Color Borders and More, Edge Effects, Dream Glow, MZ Soft Focus, Cookie Lighting, Infrared and Special Filter Techniques, Zoom Effects, BTF Portrait Enhancement, Liquify Projects, Rebuild Techniques, Extractly Masking, Multi-Layer Project, Smart Objects, Photomerge 1, Photomerge 2, Templates

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