CLASSIC Color Management CS3

CLASSIC Color Management CS3
by Eddie Tapp

A comprehensive program about all aspects of Color Management including Color Spaces, Color Temperature, White Balance, Device Calibration, creating Color Profiles, Managed Workflow, Actions, Camera RAW, Preferences and even working Color Management Scenarios.
Disc(s) PSCS3ETCMD $79.00

DVD-ROM or Online -

Total Run Time: approx 2 hours


Introduction to CM Workflow

Session 01 : Classic Intro - Color Managed Workflow
In this session Eddie and Rick will introduce the Classic techniques covered in this program.
Session 02 : Understanding Color Spaces
In this session you will learn what a color space is, how one color space differs from another and the basic properties of color space gamuts.

Stage ONE

Session 03 : Setting Color Preferences
In this session you will learn how to set up Color Preferences in Photoshop & Adobe Bridge along with managing various color spaces and profiles.

Stage TWO

Session 04 : Introduction to Calibrating and Profiling Devices
This session is the introduction of the two steps in stage 2 of a color managed workflow.
Session 05 : Calibrating and Profiling Input Devices
In this session you will learn the means and importance calibrating and profiling input devices, scanners and digital cameras.
Session 06 : Calibrating and Profiling Monitors and Projectors
In this session you will learn the techniques of calibrating monitors and projectors and how your profile becomes your System Profile.
Session 07 : Calibrating and Profiling Output Devices
In this session you will learn how to calibrate and profile output devices such as printers.
Session 08 : Editing ICC Profiles
In this session you will learn how easy it is to edit the tone and color and output profiles.


Session 09 : Converting Profiles for Output
In this session you will learn soft proofing in Photoshop along with the various options for converting your files for output profiles, including page layout, PDF files and the Internet.

Production Tools

Session 10 : CM Workflow Actions
In this session you will learn how to create Actions and Droplets in Photoshop for converting files for professional labs to make your workflow much easier.
Session 11 : RIPs
In this session you will learn what a RIP is as well as it's many features, productivity gains and advantages when compared to printing through a normal print driver.
Session 12 : Placing Profiles
In this session you will learn where to place ICC Profiles in your system to use in Photoshop.
Session 13 : CM Resources
In the session_files folder you will find a PDF file with important resources and information to learn more about color management.
Session 14 : Digital Workflow and Managing Files
In this session see how to set up a digital workflow from capture to backups and storage that will help you to manage your files effectively.

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