HDR and Photoshop (CS5) Second Edition

HDR and Photoshop (CS5) Second Edition
by Colin Smith

Learn how to extend the dynamic range of any Photograph!
Have you ever looked at a stunning HDR image and wondered, "how did they do that?" Wonder no more! This video will serve as your easy to follow and informative guide to the world of HDR. You will be getting results better than you dreamed of with maximum ease. Colin explains in Plain-English all you need to get going in HDR. All new and expanded for Photoshop CS5 and Photomatix 4.

When used correctly the 32 bit tools in Photoshop will enable you to create drop-dead gorgeous images with effortless ease. Learn everything from completely natural to jaw-dropping surrealistic looks. You will also learn some clever tricks that will enable you to boost the dynamic punch of Low Dynamic images. You'll be able to supercharge any image with this bag of tricks in your arsenal.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is not just a trend. It's the future of Photography. Get a jump start on the newest Photographic technology with this 4 hour indepth guide and learn why as well as how!

The bar has been raised on HDR training... again!

This fast loading DVD ROM/or Download contains 4 hours of sharp widescreen video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

Lessons Include:

Pull the most natural result from your images.
Create stylized Tone effects
(HDRI) High Dynamic Range imaging explained.
7 tips for shooting HDR images.
Full HDR Workflow explained
Post processing workflows
Photoshop CS5 HDR Pro
Using Camera Raw and Lightroom with HDR
Painting with light and shadow. Use layers and masks to paint your perfect exposure.
Single image techniques for dynamic range and for effect.
Pseudo Bracketing techniques
Pseudo Maskingtechniques
Use Photoshop to create true 32-bit HDR images.
Master the HDR curve and get the very best results from your HDR images
Photoshop 32 bit Adjustments
Avoid the pitfalls and maximize your results in Photoshop.
Unleash the powerful Photomatix tone mapping plug-in for Photoshop.
Extreme Tone Mapping
Natural Tone Mapping
Tone Mapping and Photoshop Workflow
Photomatix Pro 4 overview and Batch Processing
Disc(s) CS5CSHDRD $49.99

All Lessons

Extending the Dynamic Range of any photograph

Intro to HDR
HDR Photoshop training

High Dynamic Range Explained. Understand the concepts behind HDR.

Split Neutral Density effect
HDR Photoshop training

Double process a photo to bring out the full detail in the sky and the foreground.

Masks and Adjustment Layers
HDR Photoshop training

Use adjustment layers and masks to paint on dynamic range and detail where you want it

Extending Shadow Highlight
HDR Photoshop training
Use the Shadow/Highlight adjustment to bring out the full dynamic range in a photograph without washing it out

Recover detail in ACR
HDR Photoshop training
Use the tools in Camera Raw to bring out the full detail in shadows and highlights

Pseudo HDR, Single image Tone mapping

Pseudo HDR Explained
HDR Photoshop training
What is a Pseudo HDR? How can we make a single image resemble a tone mapped HDR?

Pseudo HDR Toning
HDR Photoshop training
Using the CS5 HDR toning filter to simulate HDR from a single image

Pseudo HDR in Photoshop 
HDR Photoshop training
Using the tools that have been in Photoshop for a number of years to simulate HDR from a single image

Pseudo HDR effect in ACR
HDR Photoshop training
Using Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom to simulate HDR from a single image

Pseudo Bracketed images
HDR Photoshop training
Learn Colin’s cool trick to simulate bracketed photos from a single RAW file and then map shadows and highlights for a natural pseudo HDR appearance

 hdr xsample  


All new and expanded

All Source files are included with the Download and the Disk. Follow along, step-by-step with the instructor!

Now includes Full Screen Playback. And works on iPad,iPhone 4 (Earlier iPhones not supported) iTunes and Apple TV!






Multi Image HDR

Camera Tips for Shooting for HDR
HDR Photoshop training
What to do and what not to do when shooting for HDR

Merge to 32 bit HDR
HDR Photoshop training
Creating a 32 bit file from separate bracketed photos. What Colin calls an HDR Negative

Photoshop 32 bit Overview
HDR Photoshop training
How to work in Photoshop in the 32 bit space.

Full workflow for Photoshop HDR 
HDR Photoshop training
A dry run all the way from start to finish to gain an understanding of how to create HDR in Photoshop

Tone mapping in Photoshop HDR Pro (Local Adaption)
HDR Photoshop training
A more in depth look at tone mapping in Photoshop

Photoshop Natural looking HDR
HDR Photoshop training
How to create natural looking HDR images in Photoshop

Removing Ghosting
HDR Photoshop training
How to remove ghosting and control ghosting in Photoshop HDR

Dodge and Burn in 32 bit Space
HDR Photoshop training
How to make localized adjustments to the tone in a 32 bit image

Finishing touches – HDR, Camera Raw and Smart Objects
HDR Photoshop training
Colin’s secret technique for working with the tools in Adobe Camera Raw with a tone mapped image and some creative moves

Working with Photomatix

Photomatix  Tone mapping
HDR Photoshop training
Using the Details Enhancer panel for a stylized tone mapping look

Photomatix Tone Compressor
HDR Photoshop training
Using the Photomatix Tone Compressor panel for a natural looking HDR tone map

Photomatix Pro Overview 
HDR Photoshop training
Overview of Photomatix Pro, which is a stand alone application that allows batch processing and more

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