Video in Photoshop

Video in Photoshop
by Colin Smith

Video in Photoshop
(a photographer & designer's guide)
Colin Smith

3 hr. - $49.99
Disc(s) Video_Photoshop_Smith $49.99

Learn how to edit video in Photoshop, make slideshows, timelapse and more.


This 2 hour crash course will teach you exactly what you need to know.

With Photoshop CS6 & CC, Adobe has completely reworked the video features so that photographers and deigners have a way of editing footage captured on their cameras, iPhones, DSLRs etc. This opens up a world of possibilities!

Photoshop master, Colin Smith (Author Video in Photoshop: Peachpit Press) wanted to help photographers & designers sort through all the information and misinformation and jump into video as quickly as possible without fuss. Using plain speak and no video jargon, he gets down to the practical nuts and bolts of editing video, combining clips, adding music and motion graphics all with effortless ease. Then he shows you how to create rich, multimedia slideshows that combine photographs, video, titles and music all with laugable ease. You can use the program that you know and love to create and distribute pro-quality video!

This fast loading DVD ROM contains 3 hours of crisp video! The easy to use, advanced interface allows you to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace! If you are a photographer or designer, learning video isn’t an option, it’e essential for your future.

This video makes it so easy, that anyone can edit video and create animated slideshows!

Lessons Include

  • DSLR Camera Settings for shooting video
    Understand aspect ratio and resolution
    Getting video into Photoshop
    Combining Videos
    Trimming video
    Creating Transitions
    Adding Music
    Adjusting audio
    Using filters on video
    Using Adjustment layers on video
    Slow motion
    Lower thirds and titles
    Credit Rolls
    Color correction
    Exporting video for devices and web
    Creating Slideshows
    Adding the “Ken Burns” effect
    Motion Presets
    Customizing presets
    Working with Keyframes
    Camera Raw for Video

Now includes Full Screen Playback. And works on iPad,iPhone 4 (Earlier iPhones not supported) iTunes and Apple TV!

All Lessons

Introduction and Workspace

Colin gives an overview of video in Photoshop.


Key strategies to saving files and making copies to preserve long-term editability.

Camera Settings

The best settings on your camera to capture the highest quality video. Recommended shutter speeds, frame rates, etc.

Basic Aspect Ratio and Resolution
Understand the different sizes and screen shapes used in video.

Video Import and Workspace

How to bring video into Photoshop without having to know anything technical. A basic overview of Photoshop's timeline.

Working with Multiple Clips

Combining video clips together and moving them around on the timeline.

Trim and Edit

Cutting the video clips down to useful content.

Working with Transitions
Making the clips seamlessly fit together. Nice cross dissolves and more.

Stacking Clips and Blend Modes

Making multiple layers of video and using Photoshop blending modes for videos.

Slow Motion

Changing the speed of the video. Slowing it down for emotion, or speeding it up.

Adjustment Layers

Using the different adjustment layers to change the color and tonality of the video.

Sound and Music
Adding a music soundtrack. How to separate the sound from the video.

Motion Graphics and Titles
Creating professional looking lower third motion graphics.

Rendering and Encoding Video

Non-technical guide to preparing the edited video for playback on computers, mobile devices and web.

Mini Bridge

How to set up favorites and more in Mini Bridge.


Create a basic photo slideshow in Photoshop in just a few clicks.

Motion in Slideshows

Adding motion to the photos in a slideshow to add engagement. Creating the popular "Ken Burns" effect.

Custom Motion in Slideshows
Modifying the motion presets to make them work exactly how you want them to.

Slideshow Music and Video

Mixing Video and photos together in a slideshow. Add music and captions.

Camera Raw for Video

Using Camera Raw adjustments to make your videos clips look amazing.

Fixing Lens Distortion

Removing distortion from GoPro and wide angle lenses two different ways.


Create a Time-lapse video in Photoshop with effortless ease.


Colin signs out and gives you resources for further learning.

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