Introduction to Indesign CS5

Introduction to Indesign CS5
by Sandee Cohen

Start Creating Documents with InDesign in 2 hours. Perfect for beginners!

InDesign is an important part of the Adobe Creative Suite. In many ways, it’s the canvas where everything comes together. The de facto industry standard in desktop publishing and page layout software, InDesign is the essential software for publishing to print and to screen. Best-selling author and layout expert, Sandee Cohen will provide you with an intensive review of the features you need to start working and create professional looking documents today. In her soothing and easy-to-follow signature style, Sandee makes it a breeze for you to gain a solid understanding of the things you NEED to get started.

Students and graphic designers, production managers, photographers, and layout personnel will all benefit from this informative training by one of today’s top experts.

Layout for Print and Screen


This fast loading DVD ROM contains over 2 hours of high quality video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the 17 lessons with complete control over the playback including full screen. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

If you want to layout publications and documents for print and on screen viewing; this disk is will be your personal coach.
Disc(s) CS5SCIDD $49.99

All Lessons

Getting started

Lesson 1: Setting up your document†

Starting from scratch to create a new document. Adding pages and changing their order.

Lesson 2: Master Pages

The secret to automating your layouts. Creating master pages, applying them to your document, modifying masters and adding page numbers.

Lesson 3: Text Frames

The backbone of any InDesign to create text frames as well as flow text for multi-page documents.

Lesson 4: Character Attributes

Everything that you ever dreamed about applying italics, bold, uppercase, and more to format your text.

Lesson 5: Paragraph Attributes

The formatting that separates the professionals from the amateurs! Setting alignment, indents, and paragraph spacing.

Lesson 6: Colors and Swatches

Jazz up your documents by creating custom colors and applying them as swatches to fill and stroke objects. Find out how to import swatches from one document to another.

Lesson 7: Gradients

Create blends from one color to another by using gradients. Discover the differences between linear and radial gradients.

Lesson 8: Images

Add images to your documents scaled to the correct size. Then crop them to focus in on your subject. Finally create inline graphics that flow along with your text.

Lesson 9: Working with Images

Make sure your images donít go missing or print with the wrong version. Find the differences between linked and embedded images.

Lesson 10: Objects

The controls and secret keystrokes for working with rectangles, circles, and polygons. How to enhance rectangles with corner effects.

Lesson 11 part 1: Transparency

From setting opacity to creating gradient blends, hereís where you can see right through InDesignís transparency effects.

Lesson 11 part 2: Special Effects

From the ever-so-popular drop shadow to the sophistication of bevels and embossing, hereís how to add incredible effects to your pages.

Lesson 12: Text Styles

What separates the amateurs from the pros is how they use character and paragraph styles to automate text formatting.

Lesson 13: Object Styles

What text styles do for text, object styles do for frames and graphics. Learn how to apply complicated special effects with a single click.

Lesson 14: Intro to Tables

One of the most powerful ways to organize information from spreadsheets and apply special effects to columns and rows.

Lesson 15: Output to PDF

Whether its for print or onscreen, hereís everything you need to create bullet-proof PDF files.


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