Software Cinema Blog Software Cinema Blog en-us Copyright: (C) Software Cinema Photoshop CS6 Seminar Tour Route CS6 tour with Colin Smith Sun, 01 Jul 12 16:32:19 -0700 A Fresh Look for Debutante Portraits - Inspiration From Russian Fashion Photographers <strong><span class="org">The rise of "celebutante" culture</span> - the fascination with the glitzy Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton world,</strong> has today's 16 to 21 year old debutante wanting to record for prosperity her own great-moment-in-time beauty Mon, 30 Nov 09 16:12:58 -0800 Collector has Over 20,000 Vintage Kodachrome Slides - is that Uncle Bob? <strong><span class="org">Americana the Beautiful:</span> Mid-Century Culture in Kodachrome, by Charles Phoenix</strong> is a combination of retro-kitsch humor and a sentimental look at the past; the 50's and 60's viewed through the forgotten Kodachrome slides of the American people. Mon, 23 Nov 09 10:59:54 -0800 Profile of an Unusual Photographer - Cindy Sherman <strong><span class="org">Cindy Sherman does not want you to know what she thinks.</span> For this reason she does not title her own photographs.</strong> Sherman wants the viewer to write their own narrative, and thereby engage with the often macabre, challenging and disturbing images she creates. Wed, 18 Nov 09 13:35:58 -0800 Photographers Give Back to the Community Dec 12th Help-Portrait Day Worldwide <strong><span class="org">Photographer Jeremy Cowart has organized this fantastic effort,</span> Help-Portrait, to provide needy families around the world with a holiday portrait.</strong> Photographers are coming together to donate their expertise, time and equipment Mon, 16 Nov 09 13:04:48 -0800 A Bygone Camera Records A Disappearing World: Photographer Clyde Butcher Uses Large Format in Florida Swamplands <strong><span class="org">From Ochopee, Florida comes Clyde Butcher,</span> the award-winning black and white photographer</strong> who thinks nothing of wading into the mosquito ridden, snake and alligator filled swamps and mangroves of Florida&#146;s wetlands with a large format camera strapped to his back. Tue, 10 Nov 09 09:41:38 -0800 More Corporate Thievery, This Time Toyota and Saatchi - Don't They Get The Photographer Needs To Be PAID? <strong><span class="org">Toyota steps up as the next giant corporation</span> willing to steal other people's creativity for their own gain.</strong> The issue at hand is obvious: Why do marketing and design departments (or anyone else) working with a corporation think it is okay to use a piece of work in their advertising Sat, 07 Nov 09 19:31:40 -0800 Tell Your Computer "That's too blue" and Bam, Less Blue! - Xerox Invents "NATURAL LANGUAGE COLOR" interface. <span class="org"><strong>Can a human description of color</strong></span><strong> translate to a computer?</strong> Can you say "That flower is a smidge too red" and expect the computer to correct it, knowing what a smidge is? How do we humans know what a smidge is? According to the scientists at Xerox Wed, 04 Nov 09 17:16:09 -0800 Way Too Skinny - German Mag Brigitte Won't Hire Skin and Bones Models Anymore <strong><span class="org">Thin isn't in anymore</span> at German Fashion Magazine Brigitte.</strong> Germany's most popular women's magazine announced it is banning professional models from its pages in favor of "real women" in an attempt to combat an unhealthy standard of rail-thin beauty that it says has left its readers feeling disconnected Thu, 29 Oct 09 17:46:41 -0700 Upcoming Events Calendar 2009-2010 <strong><span class="org">Here's some upcoming events</span> that got our attention.<br /> <br /> Oct. 31 End of the <a href="" target="_blank">National Geographic International Photography Contest</a><br /> <br /> Nov. 4 to Nov. 6 Edge of the Web Conference 2009 Australia, UWA Club, <span class="org">Perth</span>, WA, AU Wed, 28 Oct 09 00:00:00 -0700