Photoshop CS4 Basics and Beyond

by Jonathan Kingston

Mr. Kingston: I have just finished your DVD on Photoshop CS4 basics and beyond. It is the best education presentation I have ever experienced and I have experienced many in and out of photography. The content and your process of explaining this content is outstanding. Congratulations on a job well done and Thank you. - Steve Begich

Lighting Essentials

by Jack Reznicki

I own a lot of photography training DVDs. I have watched this one several times and I really like it. Very informative on lighting and starts out simple and works its way up into other setups. I learned a lot from this one. Software Cinema makes great training products for photography and would like to see more added. You wont be disappointed by this DVD. - Brett

Of half-a-dozen instructional DVDs that I've purchased in the past few months, this one is the best. Reznicki offers practical instruction in an understandable way that yields outstanding results. He shows how to obtain beautiful images with just one light and a reflector, and he shares the tips that make it easily reproducible in your own studio. This DVD is money well spent! - farnorthphotog

General Dean Collins Comments

Regular readers of my site (strobist.com) will know that I am a huge fanboy of Dean Collins, who was probably the best lighting instructor there ever was. - David Hobby, strobist.com

I love Dean Collins, slowing him down is a chore. I often pause his DVD and ponder the things he rapidly spits out.

I purchased "The Best of Dean on Lighting" and quite enjoyed it, until I got "Live at Brooks" and was speechless, it is the most condensed and complete lighting primer available and it's timeless, the presentation itself is a marvel.

I think that I have all of the VHS videos that Dean Collins made, but my favorite has always been the "Live at Brooks Institute" video. I have the "Best of" DVD, but all of the rest are VHS. I might try to transfer them to DVD before I run out of working VCRs.

WOW! He's the GURU!!! Incredible knowledge.

Dean did not show us what to do, but taught us how to think and how to understand light - totally. He had enormous charisma and was a fantastic teacher. I owe my career to him.

I was crushed when I Googled his name and discovered he had died. I was lucky enough to subscribe to his Finelight notebooks and have them all. Dean Collins was the best and his name will live on!

The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting

by Dean Collins

Lighting isn't any different today other than being able to see results immediately. This is a must have. - Craig

The 4 DVDs cover a good variety of studio shooting assignments. Dean Collins shares many tips and tricks of the trade. Althought it is dated, many of the lighting principles and concepts are still valid. - coffee3in1

Thanks for resurrecting these. Dean Collins was a true visionary in the field of photographic education and he lives on in these works.

3 Dimensional Contrast

by Dean Collins

This DVD is made for me, it is technical but in an understandable way. Holshevnikoff hits it on the head - once you understand these principles, you can apply them any time and any place that lighting - of any kind - is involved. - Steve

CLASSIC Pro Techniques 1 & 2

by Eddie Tapp

Just wanted to say that having seen Eddie at the recent Photoshop World, I purchased his DVD set on Pro Techniques. In a word, the product is FANTASTIC!! Eddie has an incredible easy to understand style of teaching which has made me feel like I've had a new lease on life with regards to my Photoshop skills. - Glyn Dewis

Location Lighting for the Wedding Photographer

by Ken Sklute

This DVD was helpful. It came just before I shot a wedding with my husband (I have shot several weddings before, but my husband was just getting into it.) It is great for beginner and intermediate wedding photographers. My husband is newer to wedding photography and he found it to be very resourceful. I learned a few useful tricks as well, although most of it was stuff I already knew. It was nice to see it in practice. Overall, I am glad I have it to refer to, I just wish it was longer with more substance. - coastalchickie

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