End-User License Program

Software Cinema's training are sold under either a Single User License or a Multi-User License. As explained more fully below, the Single User License authorizes a single or sole individual to utilize the tutorials to improve their skills and does not permit shared use by other individuals of the Software Cinema video-based training solutions. To minimize multi-user training costs for corporate, government, education, and non-profit organizations, a Multi-User License can be purchased with the original sale or as an upgrade to the original sale. Under the Multi-User License you may train as many people as you want for as long as you want in full compliance of U.S. and International Copyright laws. Thus, the more people who use the training, the lower your per-person training cost will be. It's convenient and cost effective.

Licensing Options

Single User License

A limited, non-transferable software license that authorizes a single user; i.e., one individual, to use the Software Cinema program(s) purchased. Duplication, sharing, multiple installations, and/or electronic transmission of any content is expressly not authorized and constitutes a violation of U.S. and International Copyright laws.

Multi-User License

A limited, non-transferable software training license that authorizes the purchaser to utilize the training content to train an unlimited number of individuals. This license allows the program(s) purchased to be used as a library copy and permits the contents to be copied to an unlimited number of workstations. However, duplication beyond what is expressly authorized and/or electronic transmission of any content of the training program(s) constitutes a violation of U.S. and International Copyright laws. Note: Although the Multi-User License may be used by an unlimited number of individuals, Licensees typically purchase one (1) Multi-User License per every five (5) users for convenience and to facilitate training.

Resale or Rental for Profit

Software Cinema forbids any resale or rental of our content or programs without express written consent. Unauthorized resale or rental of any Software Cinema content or programs will be considered infringement of Copyright law and is expressly forbidden.

Pricing subject to change at any time without notice.
For more information or to secure a license, please call 858.413.4100

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