Collector has Over 20,000 Vintage Kodachrome Slides - is that Uncle Bob?

Americana the Beautiful: Mid-Century Culture in Kodachrome, by Charles Phoenix is a combination of retro-kitsch humor and a sentimental look at the past; the 50's and 60's viewed through the forgotten Kodachrome slides of the American people. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Nov 23, 2009

Profile of an Unusual Photographer - Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman does not want you to know what she thinks. For this reason she does not title her own photographs. Sherman wants the viewer to write their own narrative, and thereby engage with the often macabre, challenging and disturbing images she creates. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Nov 18, 2009

Photographers Give Back to the Community Dec 12th Help-Portrait Day Worldwide

Photographer Jeremy Cowart has organized this fantastic effort, Help-Portrait, to provide needy families around the world with a holiday portrait. Photographers are coming together to donate their expertise, time and equipment ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Nov 16, 2009

A Bygone Camera Records A Disappearing World: Photographer Clyde Butcher Uses Large Format in Florida Swamplands

From Ochopee, Florida comes Clyde Butcher, the award-winning black and white photographer who thinks nothing of wading into the mosquito ridden, snake and alligator filled swamps and mangroves of Florida’s wetlands with a large format camera strapped to his back. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Nov 10, 2009

More Corporate Thievery, This Time Toyota and Saatchi - Don't They Get The Photographer Needs To Be PAID?

Toyota steps up as the next giant corporation willing to steal other people's creativity for their own gain. The issue at hand is obvious: Why do marketing and design departments (or anyone else) working with a corporation think it is okay to use a piece of work in their advertising ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Nov 07, 2009

Tell Your Computer "That's too blue" and Bam, Less Blue! - Xerox Invents "NATURAL LANGUAGE COLOR" interface.

Can a human description of color translate to a computer? Can you say "That flower is a smidge too red" and expect the computer to correct it, knowing what a smidge is? How do we humans know what a smidge is? According to the scientists at Xerox ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Nov 04, 2009
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