Dean Collins Finelight Series - Back by Popular Demand!

The Finelight Series was originally an annual subscription where you received one printed photographic layout each month in the mail. The photos were shot on film, the printing was traditional high-quality varnished 4 color offset and they were ... More >>
Filed under: New Releases Sep 29, 2009

Riveting Photography of Humanity in Newly Released "A Thousand Words: Photos From The Field"

International Medical Corps and Three Hawks Press announce the release of "A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field", an awe inspiring collection of photographs documenting the life and struggle of the people and doctors ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Sep 21, 2009

Learn How to Add Impasto Strokes to your Inkjet Prints by Randy Hufford

This how to video shows you step by step instructions for use of Eco Print Shield Elegance to Embellish Giclee Prints. This technique allows you to make each Giclee a one of a kind. Want to ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Sep 15, 2009

Another Case Filed Against Beleaguered Photographer Annie Leibovitz - This Time Over Copyright

Photographer Annie Leibovitz has been hit again with another lawsuit. Only this time it's not financial, it's over copyright issues. Italian photographer Paolo Pizzetti is accusing her of using his images without ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Sep 10, 2009

Printing Canvas: Why and How to Apply A Protective Coating by Randy Hufford

Why do you want to add a protective coating to your canvas if the canvas is already water resistant? Longevity is the number one reason. Another reason is that it stops the cracking when you do a gallery wrap ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Sep 09, 2009

Strobist Blog Fan of Dean Collins Photo Lighting

It's been four years since this industry lost one of its most talented photographers, Dean Collins. Thankfully we have a record of his techniques and we can still learn how to light subjects directly from ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Sep 04, 2009

Attention Canon & Nikon Users - DSLR Camera Remote for iPhone by onOne Software

Control camera shutter and settings remotely, review images, see Live viewfinder previews before you shoot - all from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Check out the new DSLR Camera Remote from onOne Software ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Sep 01, 2009
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