Photographer Suing Apple For $2Mil Over Stolen iPhone Image

Photographer Louie Psihoyos is suing Apple stating one of his images was used without permission in an iPhone app. The contested image is used as part of the logo for i.TV, and is approved for sale by Apple ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Aug 27, 2009

Stuck Up! Your Photos as Life-Size Stickers! - New Wall Grip by Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab has come up with a product that can turn any photo into a removable/replaceable giant sticker for walls. This very cool process uses an adhesive similar to a giant post-it note: it sticks ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Aug 24, 2009

Underwater Fashion and Fantasy Photography Taken to New Depths

Underwater photography has been on the rise for the past couple of years but only recently has it reached such a high level of success artistically, as evidenced by the images below. It is a very specialized media ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Aug 20, 2009

25th Annual Big Shot Photo Looking For Volunteers for Light Painting

Saturday, Sept. 26. Be a part of the annual night-time community photography project sponsored by the School of Photographic Arts & Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Rochester, New York. The Big Shot photography project ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Events Aug 18, 2009

How To Recycle Camera Batteries and Why You Must

The US consumer, including photographers and designers, toss 175,000 tons of batteries into landfills each year. The result is polluted ground water in many states. Photographers have a higher than average usage of batteries ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Aug 14, 2009

World's First Built-In Projection Camera from Nikon Just Released, Projects Up To 40 Inches

Nikon has announced the COOLPIX S1000pj, and along with a big 2.7" screen, a 12.1MP sensor, and 5x wide-angle zoom, there's a built-in VGA projector inside. It'll throw images of up to 40-inches ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Hardware Aug 11, 2009

Photo Events Calendar 3 Month Outlook

Here's a list of various photos shows, conferences, auctions etc we ran across...

Aug 9 - Nov 1 The Art of Photography Show '09
Lyceum Theatre Gallery, San Diego, CA, USA ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Events Aug 10, 2009

Google CEO Exits Board at Apple Citing Competition

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has resigned from Apple's Board of Directors, a role that created some problems for him as Google becomes increasingly more competitive with Apple - especially with their Android ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Aug 03, 2009

Fantastic Photoshop Art on Flickr

The quintessential photography site Flickr has a group devoted to artists who employ Photoshop as their medium of choice. Entitled Photoshop Art (Celebrating the Art of Photoshop), the collection is representative ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Aug 03, 2009
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