Gallery Wrap - Fine Art Canvas Technique by Randy Hufford

Randy Hufford demonstrates a canvas fine art printing technique where extra image is printed on the sides that wraps around the stretcher bar, giving a framed finished look. "Traditional" gallery wrap images are "mirrored", meaning ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Jul 28, 2009

Aerial Photos Without an Airplane

With a remote controlled flying camera able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Anthony Jacobs, founder and pres of, has hit on a very lucrative aerial photography business ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Jul 17, 2009

London Police Deliver Photography Guidelines

In an effort to compromise with photographers and journalists who make their living recording public events/people London's Metropolitan Police department released a statement outlining their recommendations and considerations ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Jul 17, 2009

The Americans by Robert Frank Photo Exhibit at SFMOMA Thru Aug 23

SFMOMA celebrates the 50th anniversary of beat photographer Robert Frank's book, The Americans with an exhibit of the original 83 photographs. First published in 1959, the book features photographs Frank took ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Events Jul 14, 2009

Lo-Tech Blackbird Fly Flies in the Face of Digital Accuracy

Photographers praise digital cameras for crisp accurate images, exactly the opposite of what you will get with Japanese toy inventor Hideki Ohmori's Blackbird Fly. The camera is one strange bird: it leaks light ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Hardware Jul 13, 2009
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