Adobe Creative Suite CS4 - It's Here!

CS4 has arrived with a fresh look and feel. The big news is CS4 can deliver non-destructive workflow with Camera Raw 5, and it has a new adjustments panel in Photoshop. Adobe tackled workflow issues, made creative tools easily accessible, and streamlined content output. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Dec 04, 2008

Economic Forecast Grim, But Not Hopeless

Photography has always been a broad and competitive field, requiring special skills and vision from persons wishing to be successful. In today's tumultuous economic atmosphere, photographers must offer quality products/services and have a thorough understanding of current technologies in order to survive declining revenues. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Dec 04, 2008

What's All the Excitement About? Canon's 5D Mark II

Canon has made a still camera with video that challenges old school cinematography. Anyone can handle this camera, even if you have some shake (has smoothing options), low light, or low experience. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Hardware Dec 04, 2008

Looking Ahead: Dec. 10th, WIPI Exhibition

Founded in 1981, Women In Photography International (WIPI) is widely regarded as the premiere organization devoted to women photographers worldwide. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Extras Dec 04, 2008

Photo Events of Interest

Photo Events of Interest Winter/Spring 2009. These are just a few photography events around the world that caught our eye. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Events Dec 04, 2008
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