Dean Collins Finelight Series - Back by Popular Demand!

The Finelight Series was originally an annual subscription where you received one printed photographic layout each month in the mail. The photos were shot on film, the printing was traditional high-quality varnished 4 color offset and they were beautiful! The series includes a mix of portraiture and commercial product images taken over the course of 5 years. While the series is out of print and the film to reprint them has been lost, we decided to bring them back in the best quality we could by copying them with a digital copy camera and saving them as high resolution PDF downloadable files. All 5 years, 60 photographic lighting sets, diagrams and step-by-step pointers throughout the shoots are bundled into this one product.

Dean Collins - The Finelight Series - Volumes 1 to 5

The lighting and photographic techniques Dean Collins used and taught were revolutionary at the time and are still completely useful in digital imaging today. He used PVC pipe and nylon fabric to make his lighting structures (see Tinker Tubes) and was one of the first to use and explain large light sources, specular and diffuse values and more. But what he really did was simplify and teach how to see, understand and control light like no one had before. His concepts and techniques are timeless.

The product includes all 5 Volumes of the Finelight Series in high resolution PDF file format for download. Each lighting set includes 3 pages of diagrams and step-by-step pointers throughout the 60 various shoots. Download file sizes are 120 MB - 150 MB.

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