The ViconRevue Camera: It's Not Soap-On-A-Rope, It's Your Life!

Coming out in 2010 from the UK is a camera designed to be worn daily, hanging down around your neck like a pendant, where it automatically snaps photographs of your life at pre-set intervals. The ViconRevue was originally designed for Alzheimer patients who will be able to use the up to 30,000 pictures stored in the camera as a way to remember the events of their daily lives. Coined "Lifelogs" the idea has caught the imagination of the general consumer as well.

The ViconRevue By Microsoft Research

The camera automatically snaps pics every 5 to 30 seconds. It has a range of sci-fi sounding features like auto-infrared sensors to trip the camera when it detects the heat signature of a new person entering into the environment. The camera provides a snippet size pictorial of your life; a photographic version of Twitter. The photos are fish-eyed and low-res, but they are photographic evidence of personal moments in time and memories.

Bloggers are sounding the alarm that governments will snatch up the idea, suggesting that inevitably they will require every citizen to wear one as a means of tracking. Not sure why the government would want to track all 300 million of us in such detail, or how exactly they would be able to sort/use the absolutely mind-boggling quantity of photographs collected. This newest "Big Brother" scenario sounds a bit too farfetched.

View from the ViconRevue

The ViconRevue was originally developed as the SenseCam by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. Vicon, a digital optical and video-based motion tracking company for the movie industry, has confirmed that they have signed an intellectual property deal with Microsoft and will begin consumer production in 2010, with the camera retailing at £500 (approx. $825 US).

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and for a story of a man named Gordon Bell, a researcher intent upon documenting his entire life using the camera, go to

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Filed under: Photo Hardware October 23, 2009
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