How To Recycle Camera Batteries and Why You Must

The US consumer, including photographers and designers, toss 175,000 tons of batteries into landfills each year. The result is polluted ground water in many states. Photographers have a higher than average usage of batteries therefore it makes sense that they should be the most vocal advocates for rechargeable battery use and proper disposal.

After your AA NiMH and other rechargeable batteries stop accepting a charge, try one of these methods for recycling them safely. For a small fee, Battery Solutions will send you an iRecycle kit ( that will hold about a years worth of dead batteries. When the box is full, pop it in the mail and off it goes for responsible recycling or disposal.

Or contact your local recycling or waste management center; here's a list of 30,000 local recyclers at The organization call2recycle has recycled 50 million pounds of batteries since its inception. That is a lot of dangerous toxins removed from landfills. Connect up with other recyclers at the Facebook page

Using rechargeable batteries is easier than ever. Charge times are quick, most chargers have multiple ports, and the price ends up considerably less than regular batteries where a pack of 8 AA's is nearly $10 bucks.

To recycle your batteries go to these links for recycling options:

Nationwide list of 30,000 local recycling spots:

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp:

Battery Solutions: and

Price rechargeable battery units here

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