Attention Canon & Nikon Users - DSLR Camera Remote for iPhone by onOne Software

Control camera shutter and settings remotely, review images, see Live viewfinder previews before you shoot - all from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Check out the new DSLR Camera Remote from onOne Software... it's only $19.99.

The revolutionary DSLR Camera Remote from onOne Software turns your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate remote control for your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera. You can fire the shutter, adjust camera settings, review images, and even get a live viewfinder preview - all from your iPhone! Just connect your camera to a Wi-Fi enabled computer and you'll have un-tethered freedom to shoot and review your images remotely. New version 1.1 Now Available!


"Don't you just love it when software does what you want it to do, even goes beyond your expectations, and is relatively inexpensive? The new remote DSLR app by onOne Software for the iPhone and the iPod Touch is just that." - Jack Reznicki, Cr. Photog. Hon. M. Photog., API

"Greatest app ever" - "Pretty much the best app I've seen. It's so useful in the studio when you're not next to the camera or tethered computer... I can keep making adjustments while snapping shots and reviewing exposures on my phone so I can get it dialed in perfectly very easily." - Customer Review

"Best App for Photographers!" - "I rarely write reviews on iTunes, but this application deserves one! It is amazing and well worth the price." - Customer Review

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Filed under: Photo Software September 01, 2009
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