Tell Your Computer "That's too blue" and Bam, Less Blue! - Xerox Invents "NATURAL LANGUAGE COLOR" interface.

Can a human description of color translate to a computer? Can you say "That flower is a smidge too red" and expect the computer to correct it, knowing what a smidge is? How do we humans know what a smidge is? According to the scientists at Xerox ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Nov 04, 2009

More Cool Apps for Photographers and Graphic Designers On iPhone 3G and iPod touch

Look in the Apple iTunes App store these days and you'll find some very interesting graphic design and photography related Apps. A lot of them are just for fun and pump up the volume of your creativity and others ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Oct 20, 2009

ASMP iPhone App 'Find A Photographer' Nice Marketing Tool

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) built this free, easy to use iPhone App 'Find A Photographer' (FAP) that allows anyone in need of a photographer to get instant access to any ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Oct 06, 2009

Attention Canon & Nikon Users - DSLR Camera Remote for iPhone by onOne Software

Control camera shutter and settings remotely, review images, see Live viewfinder previews before you shoot - all from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Check out the new DSLR Camera Remote from onOne Software ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Sep 01, 2009

Image Editing on iPhone and iPod Touch

Here are two image editing apps for iPhone and iPod Touch that can take care of most things you would want to do on a mobile device ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Jul 31, 2009

Adobe Creative Suite CS4 - It's Here!

CS4 has arrived with a fresh look and feel. The big news is CS4 can deliver non-destructive workflow with Camera Raw 5, and it has a new adjustments panel in Photoshop. Adobe tackled workflow issues, made creative tools easily accessible, and streamlined content output. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Software Dec 04, 2008
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