Photographer Suing Apple For $2Mil Over Stolen iPhone Image

Photographer Louie Psihoyos is suing Apple stating one of his images was used without permission in an iPhone app. The contested image is used as part of the logo for i.TV, and is approved for sale by Apple in their iTunes store.

"The Information Revolution, 500 Monitors" copyrighted by Louie Psihoyos,

The image of a curved wall of television screens against a black background is on Psihoyos' website (top image), and a screen capture of the image as it appears on i.TV (bottom image). The suit, which seeks damages of $2 million, was filed by Dan Nelson, attorney for Psihoyos, Aug. 19, in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York.

Psihoyos is a former National Geographic photographer, and has been involved with copyright infringement lawsuits with Apple twice, and numerous other heavy weights including National Geographic. "Trying to defend this stuff in the Internet world is really difficult," Psihoyos says. "It happens quite a bit that people steal my work. I could spend my life in litigation if I want. As it is, I keep three teams of lawyers busy on it right now."

"Louie Psihoyos, Boulder, Colorado

Nelson contends that "by commercially exploiting the plaintiff's copyrighted image in the i.TV application" without Psihoyos' consent, Apple has enjoyed "significant economic gains... while damaging the photographer's interests". Psihoyos clearly is a man who will not stand idly by while giant corporations flagrantly steal images and gain enormous profit at the expense of the person who came up with the creative concept and did the actual work to produce it.

For more of Louie Psihoyos' work: and

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Filed under: Photo News August 27, 2009
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