Kodak is Taking Your Kodachrome Away

"They give us those nice bright colors,
they give us the greens of summers,
makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah ..."
Paul Simon, "Kodachrome", 1973

For 74 years professional photographers have extolled Kodachrome film because of its color accuracy and dark-storage longevity. Kodachrome reached cult status when Paul Simon sang about it and when Kodachrome footage of Kennedy's assassination was publicly released.

Digital photography has progressively reduced the demand for film and sales have steadily declined. On June 22, 2009 Kodak announced the end of all Kodachrome production, citing declining demand.

Kodachrome images are distinguished by their extreme fineness of grain and high capacity resolution. To film purists around the world, Kodak might as well have declared the death of color. "Kodachrome is larger than life," said Andrew Lampert, a filmmaker and film archivist at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan. "Its colors are brighter than your imagination's. And what's amazing is, the film simply does not fade. It's irreplaceable."

50 year old Kodachrome slide, from

From Kodak's website, their recommendation for a replacement film: "There's no doubt that Kodachrome is a unique look, and no film will give the exact same results. That said, we believe KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTAR 100 Film and KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E100G offer features that current Kodachrome shooters would appreciate."

Processed in the US at Dwayne's Photo [] through December 31, 2010. As long as supplies last, Dwayne's will continue to offer Kodachrome film for sale.

Dwayne's Photo Service
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Parsons, KS 67357
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Toll Free: 1-800-522-3940
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In Europe, Kodak is accepting mailers through November 30, 2010.
Kodak Photo Service SA
Case Postale
Ch-1001 Lausanne
Switzerland, CH

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