Photographers Give Back to the Community Dec 12th Help-Portrait Day Worldwide

Photographer Jeremy Cowart has organized this fantastic effort, Help-Portrait, to provide needy families around the world with a holiday portrait. Photographers are coming together to donate their expertise, time and equipment ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Nov 16, 2009

More Corporate Thievery, This Time Toyota and Saatchi - Don't They Get The Photographer Needs To Be PAID?

Toyota steps up as the next giant corporation willing to steal other people's creativity for their own gain. The issue at hand is obvious: Why do marketing and design departments (or anyone else) working with a corporation think it is okay to use a piece of work in their advertising ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Nov 07, 2009

Way Too Skinny - German Mag Brigitte Won't Hire Skin and Bones Models Anymore

Thin isn't in anymore at German Fashion Magazine Brigitte. Germany's most popular women's magazine announced it is banning professional models from its pages in favor of "real women" in an attempt to combat an unhealthy standard of rail-thin beauty that it says has left its readers feeling disconnected ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Oct 29, 2009

Leibovitz Honored Instead of Under Fire

At the Royal Photographic Society (RPS)'s Annual Awards Ceremony in London on Nov. 19, Annie Leibovitz will be presented with the Centenary Medal and an Honorary Fellowship. Leibovitz is being recognized for her ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Oct 14, 2009

Riveting Photography of Humanity in Newly Released "A Thousand Words: Photos From The Field"

International Medical Corps and Three Hawks Press announce the release of "A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field", an awe inspiring collection of photographs documenting the life and struggle of the people and doctors ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Sep 21, 2009

Another Case Filed Against Beleaguered Photographer Annie Leibovitz - This Time Over Copyright

Photographer Annie Leibovitz has been hit again with another lawsuit. Only this time it's not financial, it's over copyright issues. Italian photographer Paolo Pizzetti is accusing her of using his images without ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Sep 10, 2009

Photographer Suing Apple For $2Mil Over Stolen iPhone Image

Photographer Louie Psihoyos is suing Apple stating one of his images was used without permission in an iPhone app. The contested image is used as part of the logo for i.TV, and is approved for sale by Apple ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Aug 27, 2009

Google CEO Exits Board at Apple Citing Competition

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has resigned from Apple's Board of Directors, a role that created some problems for him as Google becomes increasingly more competitive with Apple - especially with their Android ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Aug 03, 2009

Copyrights - It Depends On Your Definition of "Original" - NPG v. Wikipedia

Copyright infringement cases rarely make headline news, but the case Britain's National Portrait Gallery (NPG) has brought against Wikipedia has brought up a fascinating new twist ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Jul 31, 2009

London Police Deliver Photography Guidelines

In an effort to compromise with photographers and journalists who make their living recording public events/people London's Metropolitan Police department released a statement outlining their recommendations and considerations ... More >>
Filed under: Photo News Jul 17, 2009
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