Portrait Retouching Eyelashes by Jane Conner-ziser

Eyelashes are a very small part of portrait work, but make a big difference in the expressiveness of the eyes. Sometimes they are a bit sparse and if you are lucky, you can copy and paste a couple of them ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Oct 08, 2009

Learn How to Add Impasto Strokes to your Inkjet Prints by Randy Hufford

This how to video shows you step by step instructions for use of Eco Print Shield Elegance to Embellish Giclee Prints. This technique allows you to make each Giclee a one of a kind. Want to ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Sep 15, 2009

Printing Canvas: Why and How to Apply A Protective Coating by Randy Hufford

Why do you want to add a protective coating to your canvas if the canvas is already water resistant? Longevity is the number one reason. Another reason is that it stops the cracking when you do a gallery wrap ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Sep 09, 2009

Tourist Remover in Photoshop CS4 Extended by Jim DiVitale

Thought it was about time for a new tutorial in Photoshop. Have you ever been out photographing, and just when the scene is all set for the perfect image, people start getting into the frame? I really ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Aug 31, 2009

Gallery Wrap - Fine Art Canvas Technique by Randy Hufford

Randy Hufford demonstrates a canvas fine art printing technique where extra image is printed on the sides that wraps around the stretcher bar, giving a framed finished look. "Traditional" gallery wrap images are "mirrored", meaning ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Jul 28, 2009

How to Remove Mega Moire in Photoshop by Jane Conner-ziser

Today we had a challenge; some of the most distinctive moire I've ever seen. I tried everything and though every tried and true method of moire removal minimized it somewhat, nothing even came close to an acceptable fix ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Jun 30, 2009

Adobe's Slam Dunk - The DNG Profile Editor by Jonathan Kingston

While waiting for the digital delivery of Lightroom 2 earlier this week I was poking around Adobe's site and stumbled across an application that excites me more than LR 2 - and let me tell you I am really excited about LR 2 ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Mar 09, 2009

It Starts With The Histogram by Jim DiVitale

Understanding digital photography starts with the exposure. If you compare it to exposing film, it is more like transparency film than negative film. To get the best dynamic range from a digital exposure, you must expose it as bright as possible without over exposing the image ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Mar 06, 2009

Custom White Balance and Exposure by Jim DiVitale

There's something that really drives me crazy with digital photography and Photoshop. Why is there so much emphasis on color correction? When did we all become such bad photographers where we have to spend so much time correcting color instead of shooting an image properly to start with? Want life to be better? I have three words for you today ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Mar 04, 2009

Content-aware Scaling with Jack Davis

Jack Davis shows a very useful technique for scaling a panorama shot into an extreme vertical using Quickmask and Content-aware Scaling in Photoshop CS4. ... More >>
Filed under: Photo Tutorials Oct 16, 2008
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