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Watch powerful Adobe Photoshop tutorials and photography training programs that teach practical and proven techniques for Photoshop, Lightroom, photographic lighting, posing, printing and design.
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Dean Collins Tinker Tubes and Studio Sketchbook help photographers with lighting!

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Photoshop and Photography Lighting Training Programs
Our highly acclaimed trainers specialize in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, studio lighting, location lighting and photo printing techniques for photographers and designers. We also offer artistic and creative Corel Painter programs.

Acclaimed Photoshop and Photography Trainers

Leading trainers like Colin Smith, Janine Warner, Lee Kohse, Jack Davis, Jane Conner-ziser, Julieanne Kost, Stephen Burns, Patrick LaMontagne, Matthew Jordan Smith, Jack Reznicki, Lindsay Adler, Tim Cooper, Jim DiVitale, Eddie Tapp and others walk you through step-by-step all of the necessary techniques and creative solutions. No need to go to seminars, search endless hours on the web, or load up on books and manuals. Our videos teach you what you need to know quickly and easily.

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Painter and Photo Training Programs
Our extensive library covers many topics: Lightroom, copyright protection, artistic portrait painting in Corel Painter, color management, location lighting, studio lighting, portraits, Photoshop design, weddings and organizational tools.

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Popular Trainers

Jack Davis
Photoshop, ACR, Lightroom

Colin Smith
Photoshop, Lightroom

Jane Conner-ziser
Photoshop, Painter

Dean Collins
Photo Lighting

Jim DiVitale
Photoshop, Photo Lighting

Monte Zucker
Photo Lighting

Jack Reznicki
Photo Lighting

Eddie Tapp
Photoshop, ACR, Bridge

Randy Hufford
Photo Printing