Adobe Camera Raw 5 - Indepth & Unleashed

Adobe Camera Raw 5 - Indepth & Unleashed
by Jack Davis

With Photoshop CS4's new ACR 5, Adobe has introduced tools that have the power to completely change the way we shape our photography. Instead of working one image at a time, one step at a time, now the vast majority of our photographic finishing can be done quickly, elegantly and nondestructively in one place! - without even opening Photoshop! This includes such universal tasks as dodging & burning, skin softening or even targeted sharpening! That's what Adobe Camera Raw 5's new Localized Correction tools have brought with it to yield a highly increased workflow. You will have to see these techniques in action to understand just how powerful they are.
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Total Run Time: approx 3 hours 46 minutes


Section 1 : The Enhanced Adobe Camera Raw Interface

Session 01 : Interface - Part 1 - Procedural Workflow Overview
This intro shows how the current ACR allows you to push the limits of Procedural Processing, and finally stop pushing pixels around all day in Photoshop! Combine this power with the ability to share and instantly apply all this photo perfecting magic to dozens of images right from the Bridge and your workflow just got faster, more flexible and better than ever before!
Session 02 : Interface - Part 2 - Workflow Insights
The six areas that make up the ACR workspace, and how to make them dance in unison to streamline your workflow is what this session is all about. Jack will cover everything from Tools and Panels to Color Spaces and Saving, and enough shortcuts to have you flying on your way.

Section 2 : Global Optimizing

Session 03 : Global Optimizing - Part 1 - The Four Step Tango
With a hundred options at your fingertips, where do you start, especially if you want it done right, and right NOW? Jacks Four Step Tango with simplify the image optimizing process, with more quality and control than you would ever have though possible - in just 10 seconds!
Session 04 : Global Optimizing - Part 2 - Curves, Color Enhancing and Global Sharpening
When you do need to fine tune tone, color (including Black & White conversion and Tinting) or sharpening, stay in ACR and achieve quality and control dramatically better and faster than anything possibly in Photoshop.
Session 05 : Global Optimizing - Part 3 - Post-Crop Vignettes and Custom Camera Profiles
Probably the most overlooked and potentially most powerful (and easy to use) new feature in ACR 5: the new Custom Camera Profiles, that can instantly fine tune your images to be much more faithful to what you saw in camera. Also Post Crop Vignetting and Lens Vignetting; when and how to use them alone or in concert.

Section 3 : Local Enhancements

Session 06 : Local Enhancements - Part 1 - Introduction to the Revolution
The HUGE new addition to ACR 5: Localized Adjusting, Retouching and Enhancing - and the reason why 90% of your image perfecting work will now no longer need Photoshop! One-Stop Quality, Flexibility and Speed - Hallelujah!
Session 07 : Local Enhancements - Part 2 - Retouching and Reconstructing in ACR
The two modes of the Spot Healing Brush, combined with its new Opacity option, allow you to do everything from completely clone your landscapes, to subtly soften your portraits (even dark circles under the eyes? Yup!). In this session you'll learn first hand how.
Session 08 : Local Enhancements - Part 3 - Graduated Density and Color Filter Effects
What's extremely quick, incredibly simple, and dramatically powerful? Yes, that's right: Superman AND the new Graduated Filter Tool in ACR! From graduated neutral density effects, to color overlays to instantly dodging & burning dozens images at once, this new feature rocks!
Session 09 : Local Enhancements - Part 4 - Adjustment Brush Landscape Enhancing
FINALLY - true brushed-in enhancing in ACR! With Masking capabilities much better, and easier than in Photoshop (if you know a few tricks)! Dodging & Burning, targeted sharpening, it's all here and more.
Session 10 : Local Enhancements - Part 5 - Adjustment Brush Portrait Enhancing
Skin, eyes, teeth, color, tone, glows - shaping the very light of a shot - all of these can be enhanced with our new miraculous (and nondestructive) Adjustment Brush. Learn it inside and out, and see just what it can do for your portraits in this session from Jack.

Section 4 : Effects and Presets

Session 11 : Session 11 : ACR Effects and Presets - Part 1 - The Why and What's Possible of the Wow
Going beyond creating just a great capture, to being able to expressively interpret a scene, is where the area of Effects comes in. In this session you'll see the power and the possibilities of preset ACR Wow "recipes" for creating everything from illustrative edge landscape HDRs to Rock Album portrait glows.
Session 12 : ACR Effects and Presets - Part 2 - Diffused Glows and Skin Softening
"Expressive Effects," "Artistic Effects," "Make You Stop and Stare Effects," like high-key glows or muted color tinting are all there in ACR, IF you know how to make those sliders bend to your creative will!
Session 13 : ACR Effects and Presets - Part 3 - Antique Tinting and Toning
Many characteristics of color, tone and tinting can make a photo look "Antique," and thus timeless. Here Jack will lead you through various techniques to create this classic look in a wink!
Session 14 : ACR Effects and Presets - Part 4 - Instant HDR Illustrative Edges Effects
THE most popular image effect these days goes by many names: HDR Tone Mapping, Andrew Wyeth Detailing, or what Jack likes to call an Illustrative Edge Effect. Whatever you call it, the ability to expressively pull out incredible amounts of both highlight and shadow detail, while maintaing dramatic color and contrast IS a great addition to your arsenal of creative image solutions. And here Jack will show you how to do it with one image, and a few simple sliders, and save the "recipe" off as your very own preset!

Section 5 : ACR Smart Magic to Photoshop Smart Magic and Back

Session 15 : ACR to Photoshop and Back - Part 1 - ACR 'Hand Coloring' Magic
Just how far can you push the limits of ACR's power to enhance - and even retouch - your imagery? In this eye opening session Jack with show you some incredible new ways to work in ACR 5 that before now were impossible outside of Photoshop.
Session 16 : ACR to Photoshop and Back - Part 2 - Smart Objects, Filters and Sharing
And all the fast, flexible and extensive Wowification that took place in the last session will now be brought, fully intact, into Photoshop to do what it does best - filter finessing! And in this session Jack will teach you the huge benefits of nondestructive Smart Filtering, including the fact that whatever image "recipes" we come up with in CS4 will be able to be shared with any other file with a simple Drag & Drop!


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